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@kristihoopes twitter

Jun 17, 2016 10:38 PM

With eight years of vocal experience, 30+ awards in country music, and two guitars under her belt, four-time “Songwriter of the Year" and five-time "New Country Female Entertainer of the Year” Kristi Hoopes is creating the country music of tomorrow – today. Read my review on chatsong, click on the links give votes or comments in the disqus beneath this review.

Born on Valentine’s Day, this Colorado native found her love for the stage at the age of 2, entertaining everyone from atop the family room coffee table.  Her passion for singing presented itself during her 3rd grade talent show while singing Loretta Lynn’s version of Nancy Sinatra’s, “These Boots Are Made For Walking”.

Later that year, Kristi was recruited by a musical theater troupe and began to develop her skills as a live performer. But in the back of her mind, she felt as though a piece of her was missing, which she would discover in the hand-written lyrics and chord charts scattered about her bedroom floor; that piece was her love for writing country music.

When asked why she loves to make music:
"I fell in love with being a storyteller, and that's what I hope my music does. Once I
finish a song, it’s not mine anymore. It’s your song. It’s about whoever made you fall in love or broke your heart. My main goal is to create music that not only speaks to me,
but to all my fans. I want to remind people of the good times and laughter, but I also
want to get them through the struggles and heartaches that life brings. I want listeners to feel like someone is telling their story."

Above you can also read the whole biography on the website, good resume as far I have read. Then now my review about this country singer. Her first song sounds good she has a unique voice I hear a hoarseness in the vocal voice she has, but beautiful to listen. She sings it a Capella with only the guitar as guidance it is a cover, that is very lovely to see. Her first official video is very lovely good lyrics and good tunes in the song, she sings in it “ I find my way and reach my stars ” this singer will be having this all soon in the music industry. The song called at least it's something love the vibration in the voice, it's a unique voice and this is incredible good. Before she made the first official video, she has done a lot covers they are all very good. This is going to be a pop star if it were up to me, she has that potential. Every note she sings is pure and beautifully with the guitar. This has to be heard around the world, therefore share this review as much as you can. You are looking to the next billboard awards artist of 2016. I have reviewed several Country musician but I love this a lot, amazing singer for sure.



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