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@samssamax twitter #musichourUK #BrokenArrows #musicreview #sharethelove

@samssamax twitter #musichourUK #BrokenArrows #musicreview #sharethelove

Jun 18, 2016 4:17 PM

This singer is the lead singer of the band Broken Arrows they are aspiring in the music industry and are from India, read my review on chatsong and click on the links give comments or votes in the Disqus.

Music artist who has been aspiring and learning music for years, with the strong aspect
of composition and writing lyrics. Presently associated with The band named "The
Broken Arrows" an Alternative rock band giving a new approach to music, with a music
album of their own named "BROKEN ARROWS". An Alternative rock album by the
band named The Broken Arrows, an album with an unique feel with compositions very
own. The album has an 80's, 90's and also quite like the 70's(lyrical) feel, with quite a
raw surround feeling. It will remind its listeners a lot of the Screamo/progressive rock
we generally crave about these days. Been training and learning music, with the desire to share his music with the world and reach out to the mass.

As you can read they have different styles music genres, now my review about this rock band from India. The first song begins with beautiful instruments and a super beautiful high voice, the lyrics are well written. The voice fits perfectly to the melodies and find the noise rock in it very awesome, they sing and make noise rock in the same song it's a lovely combination. Beautiful instruments I hear in the songs, this is good alternative rock. The intro of each song is musically lots of tunes and instruments, then the good vocal voice of the singer. The guitar work is stunning in the songs, really amazing to hear. This singer can do a lot with his voice, I like their music a lot. It reminds me a little of the band Linkin park, where I was a big fan off when I was younger, and still like to listen them. This could be famous if more people know their music. These songs can be a big hit they are aspiring musicians at the moment, but what do they have a musical talent. These songs have to be heard and have to be viral on the internet, therefore listen below and share this around the world.






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