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@aJellyElectric new twitter #music review on chatsong read and #listen

@aJellyElectric new twitter #music review on chatsong read and #listen

Jun 18, 2016 6:59 PM

This singer is Jarrod Pedone he tells stories but sings also, read my review on chatsong click on the links. Give comments or vote up or down, beneath this review.

Ninth Floor Mannequin is Jarrod Pedone. So, Ninth Floor Mannequin has been the
drummer, composer, engineer & producer for other bands & directors for years. This
project’s music is handled from start to finish by Jarrod as a sort of composition
therapy from a nasty accident. Upon waking up, he had some musical skills to
resharpen and the drive to make the music that played in his head into a reality. Jarrod
previously never wanted to be “That drummer who thinks that the band should start
doing his songs.” However, in his unusual circumstances, Ninth Floor Mannequin & its
subsequent music were born. Drawing lyrical inspiration from classic short stories and
trying to make the music reflect those stories was a creative and musical challenge.
These two new songs and even the name, Ninth Floor Mannequin, were the result.



Above you can read the story behind the reason of making music, interesting story now my review about this rock singer. The first song begins with great melodies and then a beautiful warm voice, nice songs good start already. The tunes and the instruments in the song make the first song immediately good potential for the radio. This singer has a unique warm voice, I am glad he started doing his own songs. All the lyrics are very well written I am very impressed with this musician. This is very professional music he has made, The track called Candor is very good with the electronic beats in it and his voice is so incredibly good. I like the mix in that song, All his songs are perfect produced, you can hear he has a lot experiences in making music. This artist  has had a coma but what a force he has inside to find the musicality back. Amazing story and an amazing what he has experienced, if it were up to me this could be really a big artist  around the world. This need to be heard, his album could be platinum if he gets heard noticed by record labels and radio station in all countries.therefore, share this review as much as you can, so he will get heard. 






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