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@DAVI93569153 twitter #musicreview #unsignedartist

@DAVI93569153 twitter #musicreview #unsignedartist

Jun 19, 2016 1:53 PM

This is Davi singer-songwriter read my review on chatsong, click on the links. Give comments beneath the review or post a comment in the comment area.

Davi - Singer songwriter has no limits in creativity. Drawing sounds and songs from
multiple genres and influences. Creating sounds and song style that is being called by
both radio and fans alike as Edgy Pop...pop music on the edge of Underground meets
Mainstream appeal!
Davi is currently working on back-up road band to support ep and singles Till Then and
Rumor Is from debut ep On The Other Side. Covering major cities in the USA where
radio play has created a fan follow and event interest. Debut singles Till Then charting
at #4 and Rumor Is at #6 from #1 for six weeks...Digital Radio Tracker Official Charts.
For more info on artist Davi on upcoming shows and events dates. 

Davi has no limits in creativity both as a songwriter and performer. Drawing sounds from multiple genres and influences. Creating sounds and song style that is being called Edgy Pop" pop on the edge! A mix of pop, pop dance and nu-rock sounds. Emotion filled, heart felt song lyrics with power beats, power passion captivating vibes. Exciting, electrifying live performance that leaves one with a breathless experience!!


Above you can read the influences and the biography, then now my review about this unsigned artist. The first song called Till then, good melodies in the songs, his voice is very high. The lyrics of the song have a story to the world, I like that. I like the second song more than the first song, but you can judge yourself when you click on the link in this review. The singer certainly does not have a bad voice, in the second song you can hear what he can do with his voice. I hope when he makes soon new songs, that he make a ballad song. So your can hear that this singer, certainly can sing with his voice . Do you want to know more about his music and how the singer can sing, share this review around the world. And give your comment beneath this review.


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