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@inthewildband #indieartist #unsigned #musicreview #shareAsong #viral

@inthewildband #indieartist #unsigned #musicreview #shareAsong #viral

Jun 21, 2016 5:42 PM

This is an indie/folk duo from Colorado read my review on chatsong, click on the links and give votes or comments beneath the reviews.

In The Wilderness is an indie/folk duo comprised of Colorado-to-California transplant
Jesse Hawkins (guitar/vocals) and Southern California native Jenny Payne (vocals).
They released their debut album, Bonhoeffer, last year and are currently working on a
second album. Hawkins and Payne have appeared in podcasts, gained radio play in
the UK and Argentina, and have been featured on KATU news in Portland, OR. This
humble pair of best friends is also making their presence known in social media,
establishing personable connections with their fans and generating relationships that
will likely last their whole career. With their rustic yet modern melodies, interwoven with back-country Americana, they produce a sound that is reminiscent of stripped down blue-eyed soul. Their strong and unique connectivity through music sparks a reflective truth with fluent but stirring harmonies. But ultimately, it's their authenticity that draws people in, making their shows like catching up with a couple of old friends.




Above you can read also on their website, now my review of this indie folk duo. The first song begins with a beautiful female voice, then they sing together even more beautiful. They both have very good vocal voices, the lyrics are well written. In the first song called The hanging three they really tell a story when they sing. The second song is with nice melodies and tunes, also great lyrics again. In the song Tooth and Claw there she sings very high in the intro, it hits you immediately inside very lovely to listen. This duo sings very good in each song they have made, they really sing with stories in the lyrics and I like that a lot. All the songs I have heard are wonderful to listen, this is good quality music. From this duo I would buy a ticket, I would listen to this music all day long I recognize myself in the lyrics they have made. The music they make it is unique, this is really talented. These unsigned artist are soon not anymore unsigned, if you hear this amazing melodious songs. Therefore, share this around the world and give votes up or comment in the features beneath this review






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