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@SalterRocks #musichourUK #musicreview #musiclovers #sharethelove #guitarwork

@SalterRocks #musichourUK #musicreview #musiclovers #sharethelove #guitarwork

Jun 22, 2016 4:24 PM

Guitarist and composer Steve Salter delivers soaring melodic performances with a signature tone and style that's uniquely raw yet refined. Steve's debut solo album - including the title track "Gleaming" - is a collection of songs that could be better termed emotionally charged musical movements where the guitar becomes a voice telling a tale. Read my review on chatsong, listen to his music, buy a song and vote up or down in the comments beneath the review

Steve Salter created the Gleaming record with the idea that the guitar can "sing" songs
in its own voice, without the album becoming a shred-fest of technical skills against
backing tracks. With so much music being defined and judged largely by lyrical
content, Gleaming strips away words and their meanings to leave just the music as the
emotional vehicle. Steve Salter started as saxophonist in grade school. As a high school Junior, Steve toured the Eastern US and Europe with "America's Youth in Concert" as a first chair alto saxophonist. Included were performances at Carnegie Hall and Royal Albert Hall. He continued saxophone studies at the University level and then,at age 18, began playing the guitar, studying with Vincent Bredice. Salter includes many guitar greats such as Joe Satriani and Steve Vai as influences, but his unique guitar style is also influenced by the early years of training and continued playing on the saxophone. He regularly performs as lead guitarist with CYBIL & THE BEAST, a high powered performance rock act in SE Michigan.



Above you can read biography of this artist, then now my review about his music. The first song begins with super guitar work, wow what good does he this. This sounds very good, what a technical skill. This artist has golden fingers, this is really amazing to listen. It is really awesome what a beautiful guitar work, so good I have not heard it,  after the legend jimmy Hendricks. The songs are all instrumental , you hear different instruments. I am really enjoying this review, this is very good. The songs are definitely not monotonous there are many melodies in it. This is a spectacular  piece of music, I am amazed by his skills. This you need to listen, it is outstanding work he does. The album he has made is unique , normally I aspect a vocal voice in it. Only in this case it is not necessary,  because I can enjoy this guitarwork  hours and days without a voice in it, good quality piece of music. This has to be heard by radios and music fans, share this as much as you can. And give comments or vote up or down beanth the review in the disqus or in the normal comment area. 




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