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@baznguitar #acoustic #guitarwork #musicnews #MusicHour

@baznguitar #acoustic #guitarwork #musicnews #MusicHour

Jun 29, 2016 9:06 PM

Usually found busking or playing in Bistros. Writing emotive songs about life and it's many directions. Comes from the music Capital of the world, Liverpool, England. Just wants people to have a listen. Read my review on chatsong, click on the links and give comments or likes in the disqus beneath this review


His first song has a good written lyrics I hear the emotion in the voice, I like to listen to his voice it makes me calm inside. I like the acoustic guitar in it. Find the songs very melodious it's musically. When he plays the guitar it makes the songs more beautifully to enjoy, all the songs have a rhythm. I can hear that he really can sing, I personally think that he can do a lot more with his voice. The songs look like a singing story, which I find always beautiful to listen. The song called Pessimistic You there you can hear the vocal power he owns, I really enjoy reviewing this. This singer can be discovered he has a lovely unique warm voice, and I like the emotions and the lyrics in each song. The singer has also songs on his channel on YouTube, I really enjoy the warmth in his vocal voice, I believe this can be soon a giant singer with a lot of fans. This singer has potential to grow as a very awesome singer song writer, therefore share this review as much as you can.




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