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@KittenheadLa #rockband #musicnews #MusicHourUK #IndieMusicBlast

@KittenheadLa #rockband #musicnews #MusicHourUK #IndieMusicBlast

Jul 3, 2016 2:50 PM

Kittenhead was started in May 2012 and is based in California. Read my review on chatsong, listen to their songs. Give comments and votes beneath this review, they would appreciate it if you do.

After a summer of song writing, Kittenhead played its first live shows in September
2012 in the Pacific Northwest, with a headlining slot at the Comet in Seattle. Since
then, the band has played all of the major cities on the West Coast, with fans
requesting to return to flowing from every show. Kittenhead has played several West Coast Roller Derbies including the Sugartown Roller Derby, Viva Roller Derby and San Diego Derby Dolls halftime shows, where high energy was an understatement.
In the Fall of 2012 Kittenhead Recorded their 1st EP "Derby Girl" which garnered much
acclaim and radio play for the title track. "Derby Girl" is currently the skate out music for Roller Derby Leagues around the world from the UK to Australia and across North and South America.

As a follow up to their successful EP, Kittenhead recorded "We're Here" a full length
CD with Paul Roessler of Kitten Robot Studios. The 1st single "Tinman" is a social
statement about the violence in our society and has been played on college radio from
New Zealand to the US. It was the Featured song of the month in January of 2015 at
the University of Limerick Ireland as well as the CD being featured at the University of
Turku, Finland in December of 2014. Currently the single "#9" is being played on The
World Famous KROQ, by Rodney on the Roq, Mayor of the Sunset Strip and
tastemaker par excellent.The band has played benefit shows for cancer survivors, college scholarships and animal rights organizations. Kittenhead is committed creating a better society and loves to give their time and energy to such causes that support that end.




Above you can also read on their reverbnation website, then now my review about this female rock band I am really excited to review these artists.

The first song is right away with good instruments that sounds delicious, think it's a cool rock song. It has good vocal voice sounds and there is also  noise rock in the song. How they play the instruments very lovely and professional, I like the melodies and tunes in each song. In the song called Tinman there you can hear the vocal power she has. I like the voice she has I hear a vibration but it does not bother me. She looks a bit like the singer PINK in the appearances and 1 song seems as if pink sings it herself, but no!! This is kittenhead an amazing rock band with a lot of diversity in songs. The song Dreamland is also beautiful to listen, good vocals and lyrics. These artists are already on age but still rocking and at all ages you can be discovered, that is what I hope for these amazing rock band. They have a lot of songs to listen and they are all amazing, you will never get bored I could listen this all day. This music could be played  for sure on a rock festival around in this world, therefore share this review with Kittenhead on it and give votes and comments beneath this review.



https://soundcloud.com/kittenhead-1 The band uses reverbnation more there you can enjoy all the songs. 


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