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@neiladammusic #poprock #pop #MusicHourUK #IndieMusicBlast #chatsong

@neiladammusic #poprock #pop #MusicHourUK #IndieMusicBlast #chatsong

Jul 3, 2016 8:37 PM

Recording artists & songwriters genre Pop, Pop Rock, read my review on chatsong, listen to the music in this review and give comments or votes beneath the review.

Our love of songwriting and joy of touching people through music has always been our
passion. We come from a family history of making music. Adam has inherited a talent
and instruction from his father who used to work for Motown Records among other
artists who are now household names. Neil's inspiration came from his Godfather who
played drums for Reba McEntire until his life was cut short along with 7 other gifted
and outstanding musicians in a plane crash in 1991. From the first time we hung out,
our guitars were present. We have been writing since 1994 and as long as we are
blessed with the ability to make people happy through our music, we will never tire to
do so. We have always been inspired by great writers in our lives, and we are driven to
help inspire and touch listeners and writers alike.


Above you can read the reason why they decide to make music, and their biography as well. Then now my review about these two artist, who also want to help others. 


The first song hits me immediately because his vocals are delicious, and beautiful intro of the song. His voice is unique and touches me, the other singer on the background is good as well. The lyrics are awesome I am singing with the chorus in the song called walk away, never heard it before but the chorus keeps stuck in my head. Their second song is amazing wow what are these two amazing singers, this is really talent they can sing so good and have amazing lyrics written. All the songs are incredibly good, I really like to listen to their music. All their songs could be a big hit if more people know their awesome music, therefore share this review with this golden sing duo around. I have a feeling they will be soon standing on the billboard music charts and on buildings. Maybe touring in each countries and having gigs, so beautiful is this outstanding songs and beautiful sounds in it. They deserve to have a place to stand on and gain listeners to their amazing songs.






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