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Jul 6, 2016 5:20 PM

I'm a 17 year old singer/songwriter currently gigging over Europe mainly In the Uk, read my review on chatsong, listen to his music and give comments and like or do not like the music beneath this review.

Danny Boyle is a 17 year old singer / songwriter from Cheshire, England.

The reason for wanting to do music is the fact of doing it a lot throughout my life and my family has a strong music background. So it came naturally to follow a career in music.. It's also crucial to do something you enjoy and music is such a thrill and I have such great connection with music,  that i wouldn't want to do anything else. 

He first began a career in music aged 3 where he used to take part in various singing competitions, he then went on to learn how to play the guitar aged 10, learning his favourite songs from Youtube.

Danny then began doing various open mic nights in cities such as Chester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Birmingham and London, which he says was vital to his development. By this point he was beginning to write his own music, which he went onto release his first single onto iTunes, which can be found if you search "New Start - Danny Boyle".

He is continuing to work very hard and is showing real dedication to reach his goals to get signed to a major record label, there is much more to come from Danny so be sure to keep posted on his movement!



Above you can read the reason of making music and a biography, your all can read on the website of this singer songwriter. Then now my review of his music, His first song is already beautiful his vocal voice is unique and beautiful lyrics, the song is full of melodies and background sound. I like it a lot, this is musically talent. This singer is only 17 years old and has a marvelous vocal sound, a bit of a vibration in it but very lovely. The singer is born for music that you can hear on the musicality in playing the acoustic guitar, he has on YouTube a few cover songs that are all very good. He has his own unique voice and can come very far in the industry  this is very good, this should be heard. And I bet when more music fans are going to listen to the songs he has made, he will get a lot of groupies of girls shouting his name. The singer has also done a cover of one of my favorite songs I know Use somebody from Kings of Leon, they are good but wow this is very well done and It doesn't look like the voice of the lead singer of the band, this singer has its own sound in the cover song. Till now I like all his cover songs and I bet this singer will soon have a music licensing or broadcast on several radio stations if it were up to me, he is amazing at his age that promised something when he will be making more songs in the future, therefore share this review with this born pop star on it.




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