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Jul 6, 2016 8:45 PM

Musician, pianist, recording artist , writer, composer, performer living in Manchester UK read my review on chatsong, listen to the music and give dump up or down or comments beneath this review

Rachel Grey is a vocalist and songwriter from Manchester in the UK. She is currently
writing and recording her debut album "Times Like These" with Dan Farrell, another UK
based songwriter who is also Producing.
Rachel has that rare ability to reach deep into your soul with her raw emotional vocals.
Her style is soul with a jazzy swing. Her debut album is released Autumn 2016 in the



Above you is the singers' biography and she has also a Facebook page which you can find on her sound cloud, then now my review about this singer. The intro begins good in the first song and then comes a beautiful female voice, with a jazzy and groovy style it is a unique voice. The second song begins with a beautiful piano piece and then comes a lovely voice very different from the first song i heard, this is very good. She can do a lot with her voice in the low and in the high, every note is pure and hits you inside. The lyrics of this song I also like especially if she sings it, i recognize a lot in it she brings a message over in that song. She has a lot different songs one song is with electronic dance tunes there she has again that unique jazzy swing in the voice, also very amazing to listen. I love vocals with trance or electronic music, it is my favorite genre. This song Shooting stars could be on the phone app I love, it is Di radio very famous among electronic listeners. At the moment I am listening to the cover she has done called how deep your love is of Calvin Harris but she reminds me in this song of Amy winehouse only with her own voice lovely cover, she has made a lot of cover and songs you really need to listen them all they are all beautiful and each song is different. She has also made a Christmas song let it be a fact I am tired of all the songs repeating each year, but she may be on a Christmas CD. When she sings the song called Sound of Silence, she has got my silence wow what a vocal voice i really got goosebumps. All the ballad song she gives me goosebumps, this is again top quality music and need to be heard everywhere. I have the feeling if more people going to listen this she will be the next famous singer that you are going to see live on television and concerts around the world. I would buy for sure a ticket and stand in the front row wanted to get a signature, to make this all happen share this review with this amazing singer on it as much as you can.



http://bit.ly/29uV3vL YOUTUBE


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