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Jul 8, 2016 9:03 PM

Silent Stranger was a band from 1982 to 1988. Playing gigs around the local area, we got into writing original material around 1986-1988, which would be near the end of our time together, so we decided to record them in a local studio to have a good copy for our own prosperity. It was our regular day jobs that caused the band to split, after the recording session in 1988, with two of us leaving to work in Germany. Since returning to Canada in 1993, the distance between us, has prevented any reformation of the band, Silent Stranger, 1970's & '80's Classic Rock, These days I'm solo, as Silent Stranger.

In the summer of 2012 I began to make music videos for some of my songs and put
them on YouTube as Silent Stranger.
I didn’t do much else except that, until the summer of 2014 when I discovered
ReverbNation and started a Silent Stranger band page to upload the songs, as well to
link the YouTube videos. Following other bands/artists, I found out about Unsigned/Independent radio stations and began to submit music to them.
Mid January 2015 was when the first Silent Stranger song, "Make Way For the Ladies"
was played on internet radio by Dr. John's RockRadioSurgery on RockBandomRadio
and met with some very favorable reviews from others in the chat room.
Submitting to more radio stations followed after this and going into the chat rooms for
these stations I heard some great material that had been very well recorded by these
unsigned bands/artists.In the spring of 2015, knowing there were technical and musical errors in the songs I had submitted, that could only be fixed by re-recording them, I booked some studio time and studio musicians to do just that.
May 2015 the song “Make Way For the Ladies” was released and sent to Internet radio
stations. Aug 2015 the song “Something About a Dream” was released and sent to Internet radio stations. But shortly after getting the final mix for “Something About a Dream”, I thought that doing an acoustic version would give the song a whole different feel (something I never thought about before).

Above you can read the biography which you also can read on reverbnation , then now my review of these music artists, the intro of the first song begins with many instruments. The voice of the lead singer and the way how the songs are brought to the listener, I find it typical seventies and eighties. She has in the song called In my heart almost the voice of Madonna almost but her own Unique voice. The songs are re recorded but you still hear the old music style of that period and I like it a lot, I believe if they had played for the song festival contest in that year they had made a chance to win it. They have made a lot songs in the past  and each song is different but very good, lovely lyrics and amazing tunes and melodies in the songs. Wow this song called Something about a Dream get me goosebumps, what a beautiful song. This band looked so much like Abba the vocals and the songs at least it reminds me of their music, only this is Silent Stranger and has their own style what is very amazing to enjoy. This is music I can hear every day and every hour, you can hear the experiences in the songs, this is top quality music that need to be heard around the world, therefore share this review as much as you can to support these amazing musicians. And do not forget to give comments or likes in the features beneath this review, she  would love to hear it from all music fans and visitors.







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