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Jul 18, 2016 9:13 PM

BLACK BONE NATION is a South African Rock band based in Johannesburg, Gauteng.While drawing inspiration from the past and present, the duo wanted to create a sound unique to themselves... With a balance between good old school Rock ‘n Roll, and heart chilled blues for those hang-over days. Black Bone Nation are currently working in and out of the studio on their self-named EP (Black Bone Nation) to break into the local music scene in 2016, as they work towards contributing to be a part of the heart of the South African music community. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings beneath this review

Zakk Styles took a leap of faith in 2016 to leave the mundane, corporate world behind
to follow his life-long passion and calling for music in the City of Cape Town, South
Africa. Shorty after this drastic life change, he and a few fellow friends formed a cover
band (Emerald Dream) with the hopes of entering the local gig scene.

The cover trio quickly made the choice to form their own original band due to the
number of material being written, besides their cover band project by the members.
Shortly after, yet another life altering decision was made by Zakk to relocate to
Johannesburg, South Africa, due to the music industry demands, and so bringing with
the Black Bone Nation name and image along with him. Soon after he started his new
life in the city of Gold, Quentin Grib answered the calling to audition as the new
drummer in Black Bone Nation and secured the spot. The two boys have created an
unstoppable rock duo and have been playing together ever since.


Above you can read their history that you also can read on their website, then now my review about this duo from Johannesburg. The first song starts right away with beautiful instruments beautiful, I hear a beautiful vocal voice and he can do a lot more with it from what I can hear in the low and in the high it is all pure, these songs are all demos at the moment. The lyrics are also very nicely written, in the second song called All for Tomorrow lovely background vocals as well in the songs. Mostly they say a good song must have lyrics that will impress the listeners, these artists have written such   lyrics. These songs are all demos but if it were up to me they should have soon be having releases with their own tracks, because the demos are amazing to listen. This is good material for radio stations and music channels on television, I think when they going to perform for millions of people they will make a hell of a good party of it. And these singing duo can make it very far in the music if more people listen to their demos, they are vocally very good and play very well the instruments. I like this a lot it is very musically talent. 

This is what I call talented artist that needs to be discovered and may not be lost in to the crowd of millions artists who are trying to be heard, this need to be heard by your all. I like all the demos till now, and I hope when you listen to this they will make official releases and more songs, therefore share this review and give starts underneath or comments 





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