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Jul 24, 2016 7:00 PM

My name is Paul Iwan, a singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist from Liverpool and I'm releasing my debut album, called REVEAL, September 16th. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give star ratings underneath this review or comments.

This is My Truth Tell Me Yours – Manic Street Preachers, 1998.A young fan in Liverpool listened and was inspired.Nearly two decades later, the (now not-so-young) fan is an experienced multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter and ready to share his response to the album which inspired him to pick up a guitar and play.Self-produced and released in September 2016, Reveal is a collection of songs exploring themes of truth, honesty, regret and rebirth. Evoking early Simple Minds, it channels the avant-garde artistry of Melt era Peter Gabriel via the soaring melodies of Vince Clarke with elements of post rock, indie pop and Americana; Paul has created a deeply personal yet uplifting body of work.Reveal was mixed and mastered by Andy Fernihough at Crash Studios, Liverpool.And If You Tolerate This, Then The Difficult Second Album Will Be Next..



Above is his biography that you also can read on the website of this singer songwriter, then now my review. The intro of the first song called Red and Gold from the album reveal begins very good, his vocal sound immediately touches me inside very high and beautiful. The lyrics are lovely written especially as he sings it, He can do a lot with his voice in the high and in the low he sings very good. This is again good quality music, I am really impressed by this singer. The Second song called dreams from his album, is different produced but very nicely made, great tunes in it and like I said before he can sing amazing. I have received his whole album with all the songs, and I am very honored to may have listened to this new talented singer. I have the feeling this singer will be soon having lots of tours and performances in this world. This singer is so good and it proofs you can be discovered at all ages in the music industry, and this singer is going to have a bright future ahead. The song I am listening now from the album there you can here how pure and good he sings, all the songs have such an amazing lyric with a message to listeners. And I think when he is going to give gigs or concerts you just become quiet inside and go home with satisfaction. And maybe tears of happiness from the songs, or that the songs hit you inside when he sings and play the album for your all. This singer is born with a feeling for making music and songs, this should be heard and air played in each countries. Also, on every music channel on television. therefore, share this review as much as you can, and give star ratings underneath and comments. P.s I can not wait on the second album, really good first album. 




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