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Jul 25, 2016 6:07 PM

Foggy City Orphan is a Glasgow band with a family flavour. Martin and John McLinden are brothers while Paul McLinden is their cousin. The other member, drummer Stephen Sweeney, isn't related to anyone else in the band, although his name is an anagram of Seen Nephews Yet, so we're working on it. Foggy City Orphan might be the Chinese translation of the 19th century novel Oliver Twist but the band plays 21st century angular music. Foggy City Orphan proves that no one’s ever really an orphan if they have family. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give star ratings and comments underneath this review.

Foggy City Orphan has had a busy year. The band’s debut release in February 2016,
Rocket, gained airplay across BBC radio, while in the Herald newspaper, Billy Sloan,
described the track as his favourite piece of new music of the last five years. Vic
Galloway of BBC Scotland lauded Rocket as ‘…brilliantly crafted anthemic indie rock’
and Steve Lamacq saw fit to play the record several times on his 6 Music show.
On the live scene, highlights included a sell-out performance at King Tut’s as guests of
This Feeling, and the band recently returned from a triumphant showcase at Xpo North
– Foggy City Orphan’s being the only gig that legendary Stone Roses producer John
Leckie made a point of attending.

Now the band are back with their second release and this time they’ve taken the next
logical step from single to EP. The first track is called ‘String Theory’ and it’s a planetsized slice of sunshine pop that will drag many listeners into its orbit. Title track ‘Turn it on’ comes next and changes gears with an exhortation to flick the switch and burn some kilowatts. This song eschews pop choruses in favour of electric shock treatment.


Above you can read their biography and what they already have achieved very interesting, then now my review about these artists from Glasgow. The song I listened Turn it On that is a good rock song, this is something I like. It is alternative rock music, with good lyrics. And it looks like they sing with a megaphone in the first and second song, but it is produced that way. The song called telescope I find so far their best song to listen, lovely vocals and great tunes in it. In their SoundCloud list they have uploaded the song called French fries twice, and this song from 4 months ago is better hear able then the first songs recently. I really like the song called Rocket very great melodies and better vocal, so my opinion is they are certainly not bad as musician, they have different songs made and some real good ones. I believe for sure that when more people going to hear the songs, they going to like it as much as I do. When they going to have that gig soon, they going to rock that gig and people are going to dance on it. This is good quality rock music for rock radio stations across the world, they need to be heard around the world. Therefore, share this review and give your opinion and star rating on the songs in this review and underneath. 



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