Aug 3, 2016 2:36 PM

Solo artist EDM music, just been signed and this is my first song. I'm from Bolton England. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give star ratings and comments which is possible with soundcloud, Facebook and more


This is Red snapper and he is just signed as EDM producer, he wrote in my guest book. So I wanted to listen and review this genre, which I rarely have reviewed. Even though it's my favorite Genre, then now my review about this artist from Bolton. The first song begins with lovely beats and tunes and with a great vocal voice in it, I also like the lyrics. This is my favorite genre this music relax my when i have pain, and this song called worth it is incredibly good. And no wonder he just got signed this is a talented EDM/House deejay, I listen daily to the Di radio app it's an app with different electronic genres and this artist could be in that app, he is that good. This is a talented deejay when more people will listen to his tracks, he will be fast a famous DJ that will give a show in each city and countries, and in my country there are a lot house and dance festivals where he can give a show, and people will jump up and down on his music. This has to be heard around the world, therefore share this as much as you can and give star ratings and comments underneath this review.




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