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Aug 4, 2016 4:42 PM

Singer / Actress/Musical Performer/Dancer Born in Lucera May 13, 1996 Lives in Rome, read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and votes beneath this review.

artistic training
2001: Choral of Santa Cecilia
2001: Ballet School & Cinzia Di Alessio Giuliani
2002-2003: Stage with Alessandra Celentano, Paganini, Ajikun, Margherita Parrilla,
2006-2008: Stage with Luca Pitteri, Ivan and Fabio Lazzara, ROBERTA FACCANI, Fulvio Tomaino, Marco Savatteri, Adriano Pennino, Fabrizio Palma and Valerio Zelli.
2013: Musical "Waiting Broadway" School with Silvia April, Vittorio Matteucci, Marco Manca, Brunella Platania, Marcello Sindici, Manuel White, Fioretta Mari, Paola Blacks, Valentina De Paolis and Stuart Lindsay.
2015: "Studio Cinema Roma", artistic director Pino Pellegrino.
2015-2016: During recitation G. Giannini, Ivano De Matteo, Pupi Avati, Enrico Pittari, Sergio Valastro, Michael Alaique, Daniele Costantini, Tonino Zangardi.
2016: Master class Abel Ferrara.

Professional experiences:
2003: First Prize in the category "Hip Pop"

Singing / Musical
2006: Protagonist musical "Pinocchio" directed by Francis From Finished.
2007: Concert "FOR MARIA" soprano Anna Maria Festival, artistic director Francesco From Finished.
2012: "ITALIAN GOSPEL CHOIR" National tour with Cheryl Nickerson.
2012: Winner PRIZE MIA MARTINI "New Image for Music"
2013-2014: "A Pretext BRILLIANT FOR MUSICAL DO" directed by Vittorio Matteucci.
2016: CASA SAN REMO, unreleased song "YOU" written and composed by Mario Rosini.

2004: Roman Amphitheatre of Lucera "WOMEN" directed by Cinzia Giuliano.
2015: Entertainment International "Multitud", choreographer Tamara Cubas.

2016: "ONE STEP FROM THE LIFE", directed by Gerardo Gallo.
2016: "VIA HANDS EYED" directed by Francesco Gitto.
2016: web series starring "LOVE", directed by Andrea De Rosa and Giuliano Chiarello.



As you can read this versatile artists is from Italy and has a very great resume, then now my review about this beautifully looking versatile artist. Her first song is in her own language and I love that language, she sings a cover called volami-nel-cuore. In that song I hear a magnificent vocal voice, She also sings classical covers but wow what can she sing. This is a born singer her voice reach very high, and it is all pure no false note in it. Sadly I can understand the lyrics, I wish I could. She gives me goosebumps and makes me calm inside, this is really amazing I am very impressed. She has also made a song called my prayer to maria for world peace and love, and its begins with a violin and then that beautiful trained voice she has makes it outstanding. This song I am listening now is very good, the name is IL Mondo Nella Luna and she sings it with another singer at its again very good quality music. This is talent and an angel from heaven she looks beautiful and sings amazing, When you all going to listen this you would be surprised by her vocal power she posses. Her voices touches me inside and again I have to cried again when I listened to that song Ave Maria, because my uncle has passed away at young age and this was sung on his funeral. In the cover song she has done from Whitney Houston you can hear how good she can sing, it's a magnificent cover you all would know that song (I am telling you I am not going). This has to be heard and shared around the world, this is wold class music. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.



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