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Aug 11, 2016 6:51 PM

Miltos Marathon Progressive rock /Greek rock band from Larisa Greece, read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

From the very first day they were formed, they have recorded a series of independently produced albums with music and lyrics written by Miltiades Chalkidis. They have given countless live performances and their unique musical identity has earned them
a special place in their fans’ hearts. Miltiadis Chalkidis was born on the 9th of January, 1979, in Larisa, Greece. He started showing great interest in music at a very early age and his parents, Konstantinos and Sophie Chalkidis, provided him with his first musical stimuli. When Miltos
turned 11 his father gave him guitar lessons, which greatly influenced his guitar playing style and helped him, as he quotes, to create his own unique sound. Not long after that, he started writing his first songs, whilst searching for session musicians to form a group that would perform the fruits of his labour…Thus, in 1994, he created the Miltos Marathon



Above you can read a part of the long biography the rest you all can read on the website, then now my review of the Miltos Marathon. They have made a full album which you can listen on their YouTube channel and on their website. The song I received called Smoke from the chimney it starts with instruments as intro, it is a long song with great guitar work in it. The singer has for sure a unique voice, the background singers they sing a bit noisy. My preferences go to the lead singer, and the instruments they use in the songs. Their lyrics are good written, the songs have all great instrument work in it. In the song called Greek Feel I like the megaphone and the influences of the 70the, it is different and I have not heard something like this before. So that makes them unique, some songs I like more than other songs, my opinion they are not bad. Your can listen and comments underneath their review, and share it as well so they increase more known around the world. 




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