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@jevse moscato twitter

Aug 12, 2016 11:06 AM

This is us we are Moscato and we thank you for allowing us to share with you our music We hope you enjoy it peace and Love Erin Jo,Monkey, Keiran and Kristen, read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath

We originally formed with a sole purpose in mind. What started out as a regular jam session between Jo and Monkey (Adrian) inspired Jo to take the next step and record, not only for herself but with the determination to put together a compilation album of local musicians which would raise awareness for Auto Immune Disorders having all proceeds go to Arthritis QLD.
In the early stages Jo and Erin crossed paths and it was believed a saxophone would compliment the jamming duo. This was the birth of not only “Moscato” but of 3 beautiful friendships that we feel blessed to have.





Above you can read a short description about who Moscato is, you can read their whole biography and story on their website below. Then now my review about these artists from Australia. Their first song called Broken Dreams begins with a nice melodious intro with beautiful instrument, then comes a beautiful female vocal voice and she can sing very high. The lyrics are amazing written it makes you keep listening, to what they want to bring over to their audience. I am listening now to a song called the world is Our home it seems it is sung by an 11 years old female child named Alli Mac, and let me tell your it is wonderfully. It gave me goosebumps while listening to her vocal voice and what makes it more worth listening is the message in the song, really impressed by this young singer. These artists are born for music, I can hear in the song called postcard from heaven how much that singer can do with her voice. All their songs have a jazzy sound in it, and I like the vocal power in their songs. In the song called Sandman you can hear what I mean by that they use a saxophone and other lovely instruments, they bring the hippie period influences back with funky and jazzy sounds in it i really like this. I believe these artists use several singers in their songs, but all I have heard have an amazing vocally sound. These artists are really talented and make high quality music. Each song has a different intro and music genre, but till now its all really great to listen. Especially their song called Pendulum has a heaving story in their lyrics, but the song is awesome with all those rock pieces and vocals. It goes about child abuse, and I have been that way so I recognize a lot and at they sing in it at the end I won the battle that's kinda true. This has to be heard around the world, they are very impressive artists and I believe when they give a concert or a live gig, the audience would become amazed at how good they sing and entertain you. I could listen this all day long, this has to be heard at each station and around the world. Therefore, share this review as much as you can, and give comments and star ratings underneath




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