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Aug 15, 2016 5:56 PM

I have been playing Soul and Blues with Legends and Hall of Famers since 1965 this artist is Randy Bluesman read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.


This versatile artist has been playing with legends, he has also written his information in my guest book for you to click on. Then now my review of this ambassador from Tampa Florida of the Blues Hall of fame, he has played with several artists the singers are Wendy Rich and American idol Shelby Dressel and one more Hana li. I will let you know which song he has made with whom, so you are informed if you listen to the songs and read my review. The first song I listen called Grey boy is from the beginning amazing great vocal voice and piano work in it, this is very good material from the beginning. I am really dancing while reviewing the music, and I am only at the first song. It is like I am back in the 50/60 where blues and jazz was in your daily live, these days you barely hear it anymore. The next song called Get it together is also very lovely to hear, the singer has a great vocal voice and very rough but very beautiful this is sung by the front singer of the band Janice choplin band. I am really impressed by this artist she has a voice its incredible and he is not the youngest anymore, but this is high quality music and you are never to old to play music  as artist.   The song I am listening now called Racing Time is sung by a candidate of American idol Shelby Dressel, and its lovely her vocals are great and pure it fits perfect in this song. Wow what is this music lovely, all songs are amazing with these instruments and sounds, I can hear this all day long. This song called honky tonk rythem  is also very lovely sung by singer Hana-Li she has a great vocal voice as well, all of the artists he works with are so amazing good. This has to be heard worldwide on each music channels and radio stations, this is so good. therefore, share this is as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath

1 GREY BOY Mike Graves (TX) Vocal
2 GET IT TOGETHER Wendy Rich Toured with Janice Joplins Band (The Holding Co.) Vocal
3 I Aint Bad  Mike Graves-- Vocal
4 NATALIE Shawn Brown (Master Blues Artist BHOF Inductee) VOcal and Piano
5 EVIL ELLIE MAE Sarasota Slim BHOF Inductee Vocal and Dobro Guitar
6 LIVING THE LIFE OF THE BLUES Steve Arvey (Formerly Bass with BO Diddley) Vocal and Guitar
7 RACEDAY TIME Shelby Dressel  American Idol Contender Vocal
9 The TEXAS HOLDEM BLUES  (RIP) Rocky Ruckman--Vocal
10 HONKY TONK RHYTHM  Hana-Li (Star to Be)-Vocal
11 Ok, JUST AIN'T GOOD ENOUGH  Hana-Li-Vocal
12 GIVE IT BACK   (Title Track) Shawn Brown  Piano and Vocal

Above is with whom he did all these  songs  so you know who he work with, great artists all You can hear each artist on his SoundCloud account. 


I wrote, Produced, and Played every Song--I didn't do Vocals, but Coached each Vocalist to get the Best out of Them. The 2 Songs with Hana-Li HONKY TONK RHYTHM and OK,Just Aint Good enough-made #1 song of the Year. RACEDAY Time was renamed-my similar version went #1 for 9 Months on the Country Popular top 50 as NASCAR Time featuring Natasha James. This one is MY complete original version with Shelby who also appeared on the Ellen Degenres show.
I hope that helps a little there is a Short resume on my website under "ABOUT"
Thanks Very Much




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