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Aug 17, 2016 8:15 PM

Datika singer songwriter musician This singer song writer has also written in the guestbook, he is from France read my review on chatsong listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath

DATIKA(Salim Benabdalah) french from Algeria originally born in Paris 11/16/77 with music as a passion, he is a multinstrumentist playing drums, bass and guitar started composing on a 4 track his first songs and later studied music from Jazz musician and at the AMERICAN SCHOOL and CIM (centre d'information musical)accustomated of the french scene as a bass player playing festival all over France and Europe in various style (funk, soul, rock etc.) DATIKA is a singer, composer and a lyricist with an EP of 3 titles with Frederic Wembandju writing the lyrics.



You can read all information on his website, but it is in a France language. When you go to his page, it will translate in your language. Then now my review about this versatile artist from France, The first song called Run I listened starts good with a great vocal voice and you can hear he can do a lot with his voice. The song has beautiful tunes and melodies in it, it rocks good. This is good quality music from France, I like this a lot it has some good pieces of instruments in the songs. And his voice is unique it has a beautiful sound, what makes the songs even more beautiful. The official video of the song called Memories is amazing to listen, great lyrics he wrote by that song. Wow and this song called Come to SeeI is really awesome great music pieces and vocally amazing, this artist has some talent and great material to become very famous very soon. All the songs till now are great quality and I like his voice a bit hoarseness in it, but wow he can sing. This need to be heard around the world, if it were up to me he would have a lot of performances around this world. His music is stunning and this need to be air played on each radio stations exist, therefore share this review as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review








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