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Aug 25, 2016 3:41 PM

singer/songwriter/recording artist/producer country pop indieartist musicLover naturalist Renora Code, read my review on chatsong listen to the songs. And give comments and star ratings underneath, also sharing is caring!


Renora Code was formed in 2011 They are a female duo made up of Corrine Preno
and Deborah Wilson. Both are registered BMI artists/songwriters. They write, record,
engineer and perform a mix of top 40, pop, dance, country, rock and electronic music
with a unique vibe. They also write some novelty tunes like “Boost it” that they have
directed toward the commercial and advertising markets with a specific theme in mind.
Corrine Preno began to sing at the age of 4. Music was her destiny. She started
playing guitar at age 11 and was performing live at the age of 14. She is now a multitalented multi-instrumentalist and professional performer. She writes, mixes and
engineers all her own music. Deborah Wilson has always had a passion for music. She
studied flute and guitar and was college trained in classical music. She started out
performing live as a DJ and became influenced by the pop and dance music she was
playing. She joined up with Corrine Preno to collaborate and write dance music that
they feel is unique and on the cutting edge. Renora code is a top listed performer on
Reverbnation and has thousands of fans throughout the world. They are under the
management of Four Pines Music.


Above you can also read on their website, then now my review about these artists."I Touched The Sky is the first song I heard great beats and intro in it, then a lovely vocal in it is a great mix electronic music with pop. What strikes me is  how the song is  made with her voice, that fits perfect in the uptempo music. Their next song called ricochet is very good, vocally and instrumental. I must say in this song you can hear what she can do with her voice, and has lots of different parts in it from more quite to uptempo and I love it. And the song Called high life is even better really uptempo and beautiful beats in it, very rhythmic and I hear a female singer in it. Her voice is mastered but it fits the song and I like it, they switch then she and then the other. I really love it, it really  has something because I am dancing on every beat they have used very high quality great duo. This song is awesome called that's a bunch a bull really lovely to listen, it sounds unique it is country but with a twist in modern style. And when you are listening you won't stop with it, it is very cheerful and uptempo. Unidentifiable their other song is mastered very lovely and again great chosen beats, not every mastered voice I like but how they do it sounds real good. Yes all their songs are awesome it defines them from a bunch  others, because they are mixing music  genres with modern electronic music. This has to be heard around and the world and this is good material for dance festivals and radio stations, therefore share these awesome artists as much as you can and give star ratings and comments underneath. I think when they play for you, you would have an amazing day 



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