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Aug 27, 2016 2:57 PM

This is Jhonny Solo a versatile artist, and being a chatsong lover since day 1 we met. I was a writer I didn't even know I could sing Or rap for that matter I just like to scribble poems. A rapper read my notes and took me to the studio, the rest was history I have had a lot of ups and downs but this current project is the turning point in my career, I decided to go with a new sound and created Reggae Hop with my partner Lucian So far the response has been awesome I really appreciate the love and feedback I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone out there who supports me. Read my review on Chatsong, Listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review, also sharing is caring if you want to support share them.


Johnny Solo is a renowned artist based in the Puget sound area with 15years experience as an underground artist. Johnny currently has been on a tear lately, recently overcoming health issues incurred while serving in the United States Army. 
Johnny jumped back into the scene in 2013 with the Nigaraachi Gamer mixtape which garnered attention from peers in the Northwest region as a hood classic. 
Johnny Solo had a stellar year in 2013 performing on the sub stage at Summer Jam and performing as a Headliner on the Shut The Stage Down franchise main stage  that year and toured the West Coast late 2013 and early 2014 . Johnny Solo officially released the Nigaraachi Gamer Album June 3rd 2015 and would be following this effort up with two more albums this year titled Pushing 40 and New Generation.

Johnny Solo created the Jackpot Media Group Brand and also owns a Radio Station Jackpot Radio Network He is also a radio personality on KKSHSeattle and is being courted by other established Radio Stations as a bona fide voice in hip hop in the northwest region.

Johnny solo's music is a combination of Rap /Hip Hop/ and reggae music which he coined as reggeahop. Born in Duluth MN USA but raised in Nigeria West Africa. Johnny solo was influenced by his Nigerian roots love for reggea music and hip hop and is now trying to use this influence in reaching the youth.  
Johnny solo has a number of alter egos that you will become familiar with down the road as you continue to familiarize yourself with his music some of their names are Jerkmann da Phanthom, Mickey O'Van TickleMe, Guy McCracken and Nigaraachi Gamer. 
His new album “New Generation” is due out this fall. The first single “No Justice, No Peace”. has already won  2 awards. The Akademia  Award in Los Angeles, California for Best Song in the Rap / Reggae category for the month of May 2015 and the most requested song for the month of October 2015 with Berkshire Media Group and affiliates.




Above you can also read on his website, then now my review. I am happy he is with me from day one when I created Chatsong so now I finally going to review this versatile artist. The first song I heard called Brighter Days very great intro lovely beats in it and his voice is unique and it is top quality rap, love the background vocal sounds in that song. Not every rapper touch me at first listen, but this guy wow great lyrics and awesome feeling for rhythm. This song I am listening now called Got with you has a jazzy and soul influences in it, and is now released and I must say it is awesome. Really love the jazzy sound in a rap song it makes it unique, after hearing older songs he improved very good in both ways in life and as versatile artist. The new songs are all on the album New Generation, and this song I am listening now from it called No Justice No peace it is high quality music and the lyrics has a message to the world. Really loving this varied album with hip hop and rap but with a lot other music genres influences, You can hear he is very experienced and no how to make music. Even like he wrote he never thought he could, but as you can hear in the songs he is very good in it. This versatile artist has also made another song with G.A. P Quartet which i have reviewed earlier and this song is lovely, especially with al those amazing instruments in it. So really his album is great and can not wait on the next release is So High we just completed the video shoot this project has already won 2 awards. He is very good as artist, and need to be heard around the world. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give comments underneath this review.




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