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Aug 27, 2016 5:35 PM

Hi My name's Marc, I'm from the band Left Hand Man. We released our album earlier this year and have received positive feedback so far. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give star ratings and comments on their music underneath this review, sharing is caring this way you support the artists.

Left Hand Man began as a studio project between long time friends and musical collaborators Marc Plant and Chris Smith. After recording a selection of demo tracks the pair saw potential to build on the songs and were joined by drummer Nic Burrows and work began on the bands 'First World Problems' EP.
To help promote the release of the EP the band enlisted the help of bassist Ben Wade and keyboard player Andy Richardson to perform live. The songs were positively received and the group began to work on new ideas, pooling together a wide range of styles and influences.
After spending 8 months recording at Smith and Burrows' Raindance Studio the band completed working on their album 'The Last Things First' which they recently released on their own independent label 'Left Hand Records'.
The album blends a variety of acoustic, jazz, blues, funk and rock sounds into eleven original songs that show a high level of musicianship and creativity.

Above you can also read on their reverbnation website and on Facebook is some information, then now my review of these artists. The first song called Pictures starts with a great intro of instruments, great lyrics as well. The singer of the band can do a lot with his voice, you can hear the accent where he comes from but it does not bother while listening to it. This first song It has a jazzy and rock and roll influences it swings good, great material. This song called first world problems is very good at first listen, great teamwork with singing and playing the instruments. I am swinging on the song, it has lovely tunes and melodies this is my favorite song of them at the moment, but I do not have yet listen all their song. Their next song called Seven Year Blues is also very good with that lovely instrumental intro, great guitar part in it. When you listen to their song you come addicted to the melodies and vocals they have used, it has great up tempo and the sounds are varied. All their songs are very good, it is great material for radio stations and festivals, they have already got some airplay but can be way more they are awesome. These are talented artists and has to be heard worldwide and shared, therefore share these artists to the world and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.





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