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Aug 28, 2016 2:49 PM

Erica is an awesome, dynamic, unsigned and original three-piece band hailing from Winchcombe, a small town in sleepy Gloucestershire. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review, also how more share how more chances for the artists on it.


Erica is an awesome, dynamic, unsigned and original three-piece band hailing from
Winchcombe, a small town in sleepy Gloucestershire.
Having enjoyed recent success, they opened V Fest in Chelmsford in 2015 after
winning a national Battle of the Bands competition.
Their debut album ‘Sons of the High Land,’ released in 2014 was credited with 4/5
stars by Kerrang. They have just released their second album Hollow Moon on iTunes
Erica have played many festivals including Lakefest, RovinFest and Livestock. As well
as returning to those festivals again this year they have added Ryderfest and Tadstock
to the list.
They are regulars in venues in Ilfracombe, The Steam Bar in Bristol and the Iron Road
in Evesham.




Above you can read a biography of the artist Erica from Gloucestershire in the UK and below read my review about their music.The first song I listened to was called My Heroin it is a teaser track but at first listen immediately touched by the vocal voice of the lead singer, very high and beautiful.The songs they have made are all teasers from their new album Hollow Moon but they are all great material, even it is too short to judge but they have impressed me at first listen.I forgot they have a YouTube channel (Ericamusic100) and there you can listen to longer versions of their songs. The song Wash Your Back is a great rock song. Wow I am very impressed by this great rock band. The lead singer of the band Dalton Woodward has an amazing vocal voice, he can sing a lot high notes and it is all pure. Erica are a top quality band and they have made awesome some rock songs with great instruments parts, each song is great to listen too.

The track and their current single Hello Sunshine is a real good rock song and I am now a big fan of Erica. This artist can go very far, they are really good and cannot wait to hear their song in full I would for sure buy a ticket, when they tour around the world and I believe when you are going to listen to them it will not take long for it to happen.

Each song they have made is so good, this is for sure talent and has to be heard. This band know for sure how to play good rock songs they nail it, each song is instrumentally amazing.

I have subscribed to their channel on You Tube, because I want not the miss an update from them I hope you all do the same. And if they have so good teasers, what will the whole songs be like?. I am very excited for the release of the whole songs.

They have had some airplay on several radio stations already but can be way more, therefore share this review as much as you can and give star ratings and comments underneath this review.




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