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Aug 29, 2016 11:55 AM

From Detroit and NYC, The Flowered Gnomes make music for people who still love to rock n roll ! Terry - lead vocals and guitar Lisa - tambourine Mike - drums Arnold - bass guitar. Read my review on chatsong and listen to the songs, give comments and star ratings underneath and sharing is helping them as well.

These artists are from USA they have used the forum and now I am going to review their music. The intro of their first song called back to me begins with a lovely jazz funk intro, and a bit of rock and roll. The vocal voice of the lead singer has a unique voice and it fits in the genre of their music, very great feeling of timing while singing. He seems very experienced, and sing perfect on the melodies of the song, I love this a lot. When you listen to the song, you feel you need to dance on the lovely melodies in it. The next song called Bucklebunny is in the genre Country, it is not my favorite genre but I listen to all genres and review them. I have other country artists reviewed before, maybe you have read and listen them. Back to the song i really love the uptempo in it and it is a bit different from the other country artists I have listened, an own unique sound they use. I like in almost all song the instrument parts, it is really great to hear real rock and roll. They have made different songs with different genres, not each song is even good but a lot are amazing like this one called Calling the Wind. In this song called Devils so Unkind he sings a bit more quite and calm there you can hear he has a good vocal voice, in some songs he sings to fast. All the songs have a great rhythm and great instrument pieces in it, I really love this song I am listening now English Cat it is unique. I really like the jazzy and rock and roll influences in the songs, with a little more focus on the voice in some songs they will come very far in the music world. They have made a lot songs and most of the songs are awesome, this need to be heard around the world it is great rock and roll therefore share this review as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath



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