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Aug 30, 2016 3:35 PM

Max and the Ducks were born in 2009. We made a song for our friends birthday party. It was a success and we enjoyed making music so we continued. All our songs tell stories about life. The lyrics are often born from our own life experiences. It is also a great way to process things and maybe they help others to do so too. All our lyrics and music are written, produced and mixed by Max and the Ducks. They all tell colors and stories of life. Read my review on Chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

Max and the Ducks are: Niina Maria Kemppainen, Marcos Kuusjärvi and Veli Eronen +
The Band.
New song is:
“Blacksmith Mould” by Max and the Ducks starts the fall´s music season with power!
August 31st Max and the Ducks release their new song “Blacksmith Mould”. The
powerful melody and Niina-Maria Kemppainen`s strong performance as a soloist singer
make your blood run faster!
Blacksmith Mould

Lyrics are always important and the heart for all the songs by Max and the Ducks. They
get their inspiration from everyday life, what´s happening in the world and from their
roots in Finland. Blacksmith Mould is based on the traditional Finnish story Kalevala but it´s message is still relevant today. The blacksmith Ilmarinen forges for himself a bride of gold and silver, but do the worldly goods bring real happiness?
Lyrics – Marcos Kuusjärvi Melody – Niina-Maria Kemppainen, Marcos Kuusjärvi and
Veli Eronen Musicians- Tapio Leppä, Heikki Viinamäki and Erkki Kaikkonen CD cover –
oilpainting by Ellinoora Saario “ Repressed”
We have stories to tell... These might be a far away from mainstream, but it´s what we
love to do!


Above you can read also on their website, then now my review about these artists. The first song called My name is Eve is lovely she has a beautiful vocal voice, and great lyrics. It is a voice what could fit in a musical, she can reach very high with it. I can listen to her voice all day it makes you calm it is like you listen to opera. Very beautiful especially in this song it is called Kabaree and I can not understand what she sings, because it is in Finnish language. This song is really awesome This bond is tight, it is unique you do not hear something like this a lot, that makes the music unique and the band. Her voice is really good and it touches you when you hear the high notes she sings, it hits you in your heart lovely. And what I like is the diversity I hear in the songs, the lyric are even a bit odd sometimes like in the song called Summer Breeze. It has something of the band ABBA and it has amazing tunes and melodies, very cheerful and uptempo. And if you listen you know what I mean with unique and odd sounds and lyrics, like in this song Who The Fuck is Alice but it is really lovely to listen. They even did a Eurovision song edit called A song for life, and it is very beautiful her voice makes each song amazing to listen. Wow this song is lovely to listen very great uptempo Don't tell mama, Now I really wanna dance on it. I like the 70the influences in it, this is perfect for festivals they would make everyone happy and they all would dance on it. This has to be heard around the world, they are talented and has a lot diversity in the songs and all are lovely. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give comments underneath.



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