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Sep 1, 2016 2:28 PM

Crossworlds is the Ukrainian band from Kyiv playing downtempo, electronica, alternative, ethnic, meditative music using live-looping. Read my review on ChatSong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath and how more comments and stars how more chances, also sharing will help them further being noticed.

Crossworlds is the Ukrainian band from Kyiv playing downtempo, electronica,
alternative, ethnic, meditative music using live-looping.
Iryna Skrypnykova - composer, vocals, performer.
Oleksiy Mikriukov - composer.
Iryna Skrypnykova sings in ukrainian and also in her own mermaid language. The
songs differ from the interpretations of antic folklore to modern ethnic-electronica
sound, she usually performs by herself using pre-recorded samples, loop-station, voice
effectors and synthesizers creating polyphonic compositions

Above is what they sent me for the review, and now is my review about these versatile artists with different electronic genres. The first song I listen to is very lovely in the beginning with waterfalls, then comes the beautiful background music, it is like you are sitting on a coach by the ocean and all the stress is moving out of your body. I really like the background voice of the singer, it is high and calm, and all these noises make it unique to listen. I do not understand the lyrics, but the songs are lovely sung in that language. The song ‘Searching for you’ that I am listening to is very beautiful, kinda magical, and amazing nature background sounds with her voice fit in the songs. It is really well made, I like it a lot, it makes you relaxed and calm when you listen to it. In the song called ‘Rain’ from the album Day&Night (side day) you hear in the end the amazing high voice, it touches you deep inside, and I feel literally all the stress and pain go out of my body. I am very impressed by these artists; this is what good music can do with your feelings. I would describe it as opera with electronic sounds in the songs, the opera that can be very lovely to listen. These artists have their own unique style in the songs that are very lovely created. When I listen to this song called ‘Evening’ I am shaking inside, it does something with me, my sweat is running out of my body. It is amazing how high she can sing; the vibrations reach very deep inside your body. I am really in trance through it, there are so many background noises and sounds in it, it compels your attention and you want to know what other sounds are about to come. I am really speechless and do not even know how to write, it takes you to another dimension, it is like you are taken by the waves of the sea with all these beautiful sounds. Wow, this is really good and unique, all the different songs and the diversity in them. The sounds and her voice is a beautiful combination. The whole albums you really need to hear, it is amazing, and it has to be more known around the world. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath.




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