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Sep 12, 2016 5:58 PM

12 Year Tanner Massey Singer/Songwriter read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review. Also sharing this review will support the artists on it.

Tanner was born June 3 2004 in Tyler Texas. He has 2 older brothers and 3 dogs
Pebbles, Abigail and Bella. His family moved from Tyler to Little Elm and then to Oklahoma before Tanner started kindergarten.
Before Tanner knew he had a talent for singing, he played football for a couple of years
with around 30 kids on the football team, he sometimes felt overlooked and like he just didn’t quite fit in and didn’t get much time to play. He then tried soccer once football season was over and enjoyed it immensely and loved to play. Once soccer was over he wanted to try something new and this was when his talent for singing was discovered from his parents while he played video games.
Tanner is currently 12 years old and in the 7th grade. Not only does he have a passion
for singing but he also loves to play Yu Gi O, Pokemon Go, and when he is not practicing his music he is watching endless Youtube videos of up and coming talent, cooking shows preferably Gordan Ramsey, Anime, and anything that will make him laugh.

Above you can also read on his website, then now my review about this young pop artist. The first song called why not me begins with a beautiful piano piece in it, and I hear his voice is not yet mature but what I can hear is he can sing pure and high. The recording of the song on reverbnation is a bit troubled or the music is too loud to hear good the vocals, from what I can hear it is not bad at all. And yes this song is much better recorded and it is beautifully it is called memories of you, great vocals and lyrics and he has some vocal power inside and he is only 12 years. So what will the future brings if he keeps singing like this, I heard he can do a lot with his voice and sometimes I hear a skipping note in his voice but it is nothing to worry about. This song i always have liked Hallelujah and there are a lot of cover songs  from it by singers , and he has done it as well but he gives me goosebumps when he sung the intro of it. And he has done it on a unique way he gives his voice extra power when singing the notes and I love that when he does that. He has worked in another song with another artist called Gregory MC Pherson the 2nd the song called played it every day. And it is a magic duet it sounds very good together. You can hear the other artists has a mature voice and Tanner sings almost at the same level of this artist, not each duet done together  is as powerfully as those two artists have sung. He is for sure a future pop artist he has the potential and the vocals for it, and do not forget he is only 12 and has already great vocals. I think he will grow fast in vocals, fans and known, it is already beautiful but when he grows older and I know that the voice still need to develop to maturity. This has to be heard I mean 12 years old and having already amazing vocals, it can only become better and better. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and follow the updates on all his accounts.



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