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Sep 13, 2016 3:45 PM

Six feet above, band. formed in 2013.we are a Grunge/ Alternative band. But labels are overrated anyways... 'In your face' alt rock band with punk attitude . Based in the south west UK, we are 'A band with bite to what they do. Read their first review here on chatsong, listen to the songs they have made before. At the moment they have released their first EP, so they are aspiring artists.



Above you can read what genre these aspiring artists play music in, then now my review about these punk rock band. The first song called faded thinking start with great instruments and the vocals of the lead singer has a grunge noise sound, and when he sings you hear that he almost screams but it is not sounded bad. In this genre you need to have a voice who does reach that perfect noise rock vocals, and the lead singer does. This song is really amazing called trigger great song with that unique vocal sound and he gives extra power when singing some notes and then you hear  in his voice what I just tried to describe. This song is new and called Flux and if I must compare with the older songs, I really like this more I hear better trained vocals. It rocks immediately from the start and it makes you wanna dance on it, also I feel like I wanna bump in to others people and dive on the hands of the crowd standing in front of this awesome punk band. That is what they do in my country if they hear an awesome punk band playing on the stage, and I have the feeling when they stood there they would be famous in no time. What I really like is the vocals of the lead singer it is unique with the pronounces while singing, Yes this is for sure a talented punk band. I am glad they finally release their first EP and I had to honor to listen as first. In this song called stringed Beings you can hear what I described what I was saying about that rare unique amazing vocally sound, the song starts with it and then comes the great instrument pieces it is  just Wow. And you can hear in this song called Set sail what the lead singer is capable of is while singing the song, and again lovely written lyrics. I believe when they keep performing like this and keeps singing like this it only can become better and better, I Am a big fan now of this young punk band. This song you really need to hear it has an incredibly instrumental intro, it is called Euphoria and again his vocals are so unique and touching why I do not know. I just really like his vocal sound in all the songs, it makes you want to keep listening to the songs. All the songs have a great bass in it and good written lyrics, what strikes me the most is that the lead singer has a unique sounded vocal sound and in all the songs his voice pops out immediately. This has to be known around the world and need to be heard, this punk band is very good. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give star ratings underneath this review.



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