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Sep 13, 2016 6:22 PM

DVR is a studio project. Music is written, recorded and produced by Brooklynite vocalist Olav Christensen but sometimes awesome people collaborate. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath.

Brooklyn based musical talent, DVR, is pleased to announce the release of the album, California, which features bassist/musician Ancelmo James. California is the second electronica project produced and mastered, by DVR’s sole founding member, Olav Christensen. Christensen and James previously worked together on several small projects, and the positively charged results urged the pair to birth a collaborative effort.
California features 10 tracks, which are all inspired and titled appropriately by the namesake state. The album is a journey of imprinted memories, collected by Christensen when he lived in Santa Monica almost a decade ago. California is an eclectic compendium of rhythm and art, carried on tidal waves of synth and soul.
‘Groveland’ opens the album, with echoing synth sweetness, and as you take flight into another realm, you pass over the winding eastern beats of ‘Cupertino Cabal’, only to land in the lap of the beautifully bittersweet vocals on, ‘Goodbye Santa Monica’. With its invigorating, swayful beats, and carefully timed precision, California is sound worthy of the ‘Eclectrica’ crown.
DVR is the brainchild of vocalist/drummer/guitarist, and master engineer, Olav Christensen. His most recent achievement is the album Singles, which followed the first electronica debut, The Day Spa Sessions. DVR’s music catalog can be accessed at the following link:

Above you can also read on his band camp he has done a lot songs and collaborations with other artists which music Links i have included in this review. Then now my review about these artists who make electronic music with vocals, and are the music group called DVR. The first song from their new album California is called Cupertino Cabal it is an electronic song, and it is very good. It has beautiful instrument pieces in it and the tunes are uptempo, it is very great recorded. When you listen to it, it takes you on a musical journey it is almost the music moves your soul to another place on earth. The background sounds in this song are beautiful, I am very impressed. When you listen to this song On these string is immediately different it is a ballad and his vocals are very good, he can sing very high it kinda sounds like Bryan Adam. This song he does is sung by another artists Rosie Bans, they have done a song swap. I will also listen to the original song by the singer Rosie bans, but so far this song he did with his voice it is very good. Wow this singer Rosie bans is very good vocally she has a gifted voice, it touches you inside. Her version of the song called On these strings is beautiful, they are both talented singers. I really impressed by the vocals of these singers, this song I am listening now called talk to me is just as beautiful as the other songs I have heard and it looks like it is a duet with Rosie Bans. This musically group is very talented and sing all very good, wow and this song called come to me seems the vocals of the singer seems very much on the well known singer STING and I hear a bit Bryan Adams in it as well. They have recorded a lot of songs and all are from very good quality it is incredible how good the songs are, you need to listen to this song called Real love it is perfect material for lots of radio stations and festivals. I can not believe how good they all are, it looks like they are singing for years. And if you ask me I these songs are even better than a lot I recently heard who got a massive break trough around the world, this singer Olav Christensen is really a gifted talented singer and need to be played on each famous music channels exist around the world. Especially if you listen to this song called over the moon his vocals gives me goosebumps and hits me inside, I am very happy he submitted on my unsigned artist website and wrote in the forum. Wow this ballad called Home with Olav and another singer Rorie Kelly is so damned good I really am in Shock how good they both sing in this duet. I can listen to this music hours and hours, luckily for me they have done a lot songs. This is unbelievable this song called when the moments gone 2016, it is so amazing and beautiful and give me again goosebumps here you can here how good this singer is and how much he can do with his voice. This music group need to be heard around the world it is so amazing, Therefore, share these amazing artists as much as you can believe me he will be known if more people will listen to the songs they have made. Normally I keep the reviews short but they have so much amazing songs to review, so it has to be written song by song because they earn it.




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