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Sep 14, 2016 5:50 PM

Recording pop artists read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review

Pop star Mikey Shyne arrived on the scene in early 2015, sending shock waves throughout the entire music industry. A native of Queens, NY, Mikey grew up singing with church choirs and local theater groups.


Despite having traveled through the pits of hell and struggling with the horrors of
addiction, Mikey Shyne considers himself grateful to be alive today and to have
another shot at life. He has been ripped up and torn apart by life, lost relationships with family members he was closest with, did a three and a half month stint in rehab,
battled depression his whole life and lost his own identity numerous times. But he
continues to be a source of hope for others because no matter how broken, battered or
stressed out at times he may be, he ALWAYS puts one foot in front of the other.
With music as his lifeline and at the core of his soul, he uses it as his guiding light to
keep him balanced. He says that there is nothing in the world, not drug, no woman, no
amount of sex, that could fill his void like music can.


Above you can read a part of the biography and the rest you can read on the website, then now my review of this pop artist. The first song called I really want begins with a nice intro then comes a very beautiful vocally voice and it is indeed a pop artist. This song is from the beginning immediately good, it has it all the sounds the vocals and the lyrics. And he can rap as well in that song, I am very impressed by this amazing versatile artist. The next song called Forever Young begins with a marvelous intro and great written lyrics with emotions in it, I hear a hoarseness in that song but it very good. Especially when he sings the high notes, this is for sure a talented artist who has been trough a rough time as you can read in the biography. Wow when he sings the high notes it is very beautiful and touch you inside, I can hear he lisps a bit but that makes it even more impressive when he open his throat and reach the high notes in the song. This song he has done with another artist called Wrap you up is also very good great beats and uptempo, it is a good combination rap with a vocal singer not each rapper and vocal singer sounds good together but they do. This song called boulevard of broken dreams I can hear that he can sing good, but with insecurity in his voice it is not needed he can sing very good. I mean if you hear this song Medicine there he has that power and emotions again in his vocals, and comes the trust and security back. And this song is just wow it is called Sweet love a great ballad with pure vocals and lovely lyrics, here you can hear real good what he can do with his voice. What strikes me the most of this versatile artist, is he can sing and hell yeah he can rap as well it is a great gift he has earned from god to stay on the right pad. This song is really doped and is really amazing it is called 24 go far, he mixes rap with vocals he is a born singer and rapper. Wow and this song is really amazing he does it together with a female vocal singer Jeneen Terrana it is called Roam, what a beautiful duet together then she sings and then he it is amazing so damned beautifully Sung by both. And he has sung also with an DJ a vocal trance song called put it down and wow it is so damned good, with this song he can become famous in many countries and played by several stations. YES this is for sure a future pop artist he is talented and if more people will hear what he capable of is, he will be known around in the world in no time and he earns that after he has been trough. This is his new destiny and path,  and it will set him free as the name of the last song I have heard. Therefore, share this awesome pop and rapper as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.




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