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Sep 23, 2016 1:58 PM

musician / producer / dj / event promote Guido Braun a.k.a. WAFFENSUPERMARKT (or WSM) has been playing rock, jazz and avantgarde music for more than 30 years. Today, he is producing electronic music: techno, house, electro and some ambient & experimental tunes. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give star ratings and comments underneath.

Artist imprints:
WAFFENSUPERMARKT - Techno, Minimal, Ambient
NEW WAFFEN - Industrial Techno, Downtempo
ICD-10 - Drone Music, Dark Ambient, EBM
DEEPTECHINDUSTRY - Progressive Techno
ACRYLWAFFEN - Techno vs. Contemporary Music
(Suspicion Breeds Confidence collaboration)

Above is what he wrote to me then now my review about this versatile artists, he is also event promoter. The album is called metal rock the genre is electronic and I am found at electronic music, so I really am excited to listen to the album he has released. Soon he will release new albums, but first I will review his first tracks and album. The first tracks called Acid metal begin with amazing electronic drum work if I hear it properly and then the bass and it makes it an amazing sound spectacle, nice style and great beats and bass sounds in it. The Second track called Acid rock I must say the sounds and tunes in that song is better mixed more variety and it listened better than the first track. And this tracks is actually my favorite track it is called Du hast/Rework, this is the electronic techno what I am used to being listening when I was going each week to techno house music events and clubs. This track is very well produced and has a lot of great tunes in it, what keeps you listening and focused to hear more of the track. I have to admit he can certainly mix the older tracks are amazing produced this track Abraxas is from the beginning a Techno track how it has to be, and with the vocals in it makes it even better. The older tracks I have listened are very good and this is very good to play on house and techno events, I like the older mixes way more than the new mixes. No offend, but the older tracks are very good material and it makes you wanna dance on it more variety in it. He sent me a new song Isabella Gaultier Cassiopeia that track is also very good great bass and techno upbeats in it, what strikes me in this one is when you listen to it the sounds goes from left to right in your earphones and it makes it a journey with amazing sounds. This versatile artists have for sure great feeling for producing electronic music, a lot of the mixes are very good like this one maeb enter the cage remix. I like in each mix the bass he has used and this mix called Gold is a great melodic electronic track, it is more quite than the other mixes but very nice to listen. For each electronic lover is a mix he has done and it is all very well produced, some tracks I like more than others but I am more the progressive house and deep house fanatic. And off course I love to listen electronic music with vocals in it, but this DJ is impressive to listen. This need to be heard around the world especially in the electronic dance world place like IBIZA and he will make an awesome event from it, therefore share this versatile talented artist as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath






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