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@basantonan twitter ambient electronic

@basantonan twitter ambient electronic

Oct 4, 2016 12:38 PM

Producer/ composer Bas Antonan from Belgium humming through the day. Read my review on Chatsong, listen to the songs and give star ratings and comment underneath this review.


I come from a musical family where a piano was a part of the furniture.
I was a former drummer in many bands and started to experiment with synthesizers
and sequencers etc... Covering was not my attraction to music but composing, creating
was my thing from the very beginning.
My target is to build up a musical repertoire and find connection with people who love
my music. It will be difficult to find me in one genre or style.I like to combine classic
sounds with electronic sounds. I love classic, house, dance,instrumental music so I’ll
be infected with influences from different angels.



Above you can read what he sent to me, then now my review about this Belgium producer composer. He does electronic music in the style Ambient dance and edm, his first track is called number 9. It starts with a melodic sound with a voice mastered in it, it has a good rhythm and nice tunes. It is uptempo and I hear a lot high tunes and sounds in it, it makes me happy when listening to this. His first song is very good produced it has a lot varied melodies and tunes, it keeps it interesting to continue listening the song. This song called A perfect place is again with nice high melodic beautiful sounds, it is a musical spectacle but I would describe this track more in the style of fusion pop electronic then ambient style. In my opinion is Ambient more relaxed and laid back in speak terms this is more uptempo with pop sounds in it. Like this song Belies preview it is very short but very beautiful composed with all those instrumental sounds in it. This what I am listening now is very different from the first three songs amazing synthesizer and bass in it, I like this song Eintonig it has something mysterious and this kinda music you could hear in a haunted house in the hills' aha. The songs he composes and produce has a political statement or message to the world, like this one called Suicide PR sadly it is a short track. I must say some songs seems to like too much on each other, but is it lovely to listen especially this one called Vous et moi. He has for sure some skills at composing and producing unique electronic songs with a touch of dark sounds and uptempo melodic sounds in the same songs. This artist is for sure talented with making electronic music, and need to be heard around the world, therefore share this talented Belgium producer composer in different electronic genres as much as you can







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