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@AndrewCassara twitter edm pop dance

@AndrewCassara twitter edm pop dance

Oct 6, 2016 10:44 AM

Andrew is an up and coming Canadian pop recording artist from Ottawa, Ontario Canada. In 2013, he partnered with Canadian producer Steve Gardiner, and signed a development deal with SGMGRoupArtists. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath

Andrew is an up and coming Canadian pop recording artist from Ottawa, Ontario
Canada. In 2013, he partnered with Canadian producer https://twitter.com/steve_gardiner and signed a development deal with SGMGRoupArtists.https://twitter.com/SGMGRoupArtists

Andrew was discovered online after he had posted some original material that caught
the attention of his current team, and in a period of 3 years, they have recorded over
an album’s worth of material, digitally released 5 singles and a E.P. , and started
building on a substantial following of adoring young fans from all over the world.
By engaging in a campaign to personally connect with fans on social media, Andrew
and his team have managed to show an impressive ability to continue to grow a
particularly engaged fan base, and garner consistent online sales. With a number of
unreleased tracks piling up in the vault, (and new tracks always in the works) Andrew’s
team is looking to attract the attention of major record labels, while stretching the work load to include live performances (including an on-stage band), building on their online media content portfolio, and continuing to develop Andrew as a recording and
performing artist.


Above is what his artists group publisher has sent me about this young singer, then now my review about this singer Andrew. I have one of the artists earlier reviewed by that music group her name is Stefani Fedra, this singer is Andrew Cassara. First I wanted to review his song on SoundCloud which is called I know, it seems he does not use that anymore much but still I wanted to listen that song from 3 years back. He has made new songs on iTunes and other music platforms which can be found on his website. That song called I know begins with lovely uptempo sounds and has amazing electronic beats produced in it, very rhythmic. You can hear in that song that his voice is mastered but he has a good vocal voice on his own and it fits perfect in this song. I like this song a lot it is good material it is a mix from pop and electronic, and when you listen to it you want to dance on it. His new song called that some crazy is very awesome great electronic beats and tunes in it as well and amazing produced again, his voice is marvelous. If you listen very good to it, it almost seems he sings with more members, but that is not true only with the mastering it seems like it is. This singer is very good and with this music he will soon be having lots of fans and groupies, because it sounds really like a teen pop band with some amazing dance music in it. And I am right he has already a fan base, and I guess lots are younger audiences and he has even made a fan lyrical video for them. This lyrical video called last time is awesome and in this song you can hear his pure voice very beautiful and it is not mastered with electronic equipment. He has another song called take the changes and it has very good lyrics, and it is an amazing electronic dance song. This you could listen all day long at least I want to, I love all electronic music with vocals or with good dance tunes in it. His music is perfect for dance events or pop or house music radio stations, and I really hope he will belong on the MTV music charts in several countries. This artist Andrew is top talent and especially if you hear him acoustic singing the song Last time, he need to be heard more around the world. Therefore, share this amazing talented singer as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.




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