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Oct 7, 2016 1:28 PM

This Human Condition is an Electronic duo from Bristol formed in January 2015. We eat, sleep, and breathe music. We make what inspires us and to please ourselves. The rewarding bit is when other people like what you are doing and connect with it. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give commens and star ratings underneath.

Blending many different styles of electronic music including, Experimental, Synth Pop,
Trip Hop, Dance, Pop, Progressive House, Trance, Dub Step, Balearic Downtempo.
They describe their genre as " Electronic handbag Punk"
Predominantly a D.I.Y band This Human Condition are also
Signed to an Independent label in New York called Teknofonic. The label looks after
the digital side of releases.
Described as early Depeche Mode meets a darker Erasure.
Releases. EP- Rise (2 June 2015)
LP- Project Zero (8th April 2016)
Single- Telepathic Heights (28th June 2016)
Tom Robinson played Rise on his BBC6Music introducing show and featured This
Human Condition on his "Personal Selection" Mixtape.
We make music because it's our way of life. We eat, sleep, and breathe music. We
make what inspires us and to please ourselves. The rewarding bit is when other people
like what you are doing and connect with it.



Above is what they have sent to me the rest you can read on their website, then now my review about this electronic dance music duo from New York. I must say Electronic dance music is my favorite genre, but I love other music genres as well. Their first song is called telepathic heights it is progressive house, the track start with cool humming sound like you are in the jungle there are vocals in it as well and very beautiful vocals. This is a good track great mix lovely to listen, I am very happy that I may review this awesome genre, very well produced the first song. Wow I am smiling this song make me so happy so good it is called psychotropic, the dance tunes and sounds are awesome it is real progressive house. The vocals in this song are wonderful, he has a marvelous voice. This song is beautiful it is called Brother blue it is down tempo, but in this song you can hear how wonderful the voice of the singer is in the low and high notes. I really like this cover track from Madonna called holiday very awesome produced, really marvelous produced. Love the remix of the song breaking the code, amazing tunes and beats this duo is really talented in this genre, and I can know because the dance music started in my county. When you want to hear what the singer can do with his voice, then you must listen to this marvelous ballad song called In Recognition also I hear background vocals very nice. And in this song roadrunner you can hear both sing they have very good vocals, and with the sounds it is lovely to listen. Wow this song called Dysphoria is damned good especially his vocals, he can sing very high and pure. All the songs till now the older songs have a message in the lyrics, I really like that both songs impossible and breaking the code have that. The lyrics of this song I know pain is also very beautifully written and sung, normally I keep the reviews short but they have made a lot of songs. They are signed already and no doubt they are very talented at singing and making dance music. The last song Untitled is also a great produced song, lovely tunes and bass in it. They would make a great show on many house music and dance festivals across the world, their tracks are amazing and have to get more audience and known, therefore share this amazing duo as much as you can.




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