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@puss_band twitter pop rock

@puss_band twitter pop rock

Oct 12, 2016 3:27 PM

The Puss Puss Band are a two piece mainly studio based outfit although we do have a few more musicians we keep in a cupboard for live work. We are based in South Wales, read my review on chatsong listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

We write, arrange, record/mix all our material ourselves...we're musicians...and poor
What do we sound like?....what genre do we play?...that dreaded question...
..if we're honest (which we are to a fault) we'd say we really aren't sure? In fact we'd
love to know what you'd call it? Sometimes a bit jazzy, bit, bluesy, bit pop, bit...oh we
don't know...we just go where the song takes us and try not to think about that.
We are..
Lee Pugh; Lead & rhythm guitars , Bass, Piano, Vocals
Asa Galeozzie; Drums/Percussion, Rhythm guitars, Piano, Bass, melodica, backing

Above is what they have written to me, then now my review about this duo from Wales UK. The first song is called Perfect world and begins with nice tunes, then comes a male voice with a hoarseness in his voice. I must say I like the melodies and instruments in the song, it makes me relaxed. The lyrics are good written, it has a message to the listeners. The second song has a great intro as well it is called Alone, in this song I can hear the voice of the singer better and he has a unique voice. Again has this song melodic tunes and beautiful instruments in it, it gives the song a jazz and blues sound. I really like his voice it is kinda mysterious and fascinating when you listen to it, it is very raw and pure I like it a lot. This song is their best till now it is called thinking of you, great lyrics and great guitar and instrument work in it. This song is from good quality the vocals the instruments and the tunes, I like this one a lot. If you listen good enough you recognize he can sing different notes and pure, only his voice has a hoarseness but it fits perfect in the songs they have made. How more often you listen to the songs how more you going to love it, they are unique in both ways with singing and playing. It gives them an own music style with several influences in it, because of this, they are coequal musically towards other music bands that gives them credit. They have for sure talent and need to be shared around the world, and deserve some airplay. Therefore, share this unique artists as much as you can.



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