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Oct 19, 2016 1:41 PM

Xenobia native Toronto musician sings writes & produces music. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and votes underneath this review.

Xenobia native Toronto musician sings writes & produces music. At live & studio for Tv Film Radio & with Artists on the record labels BMG Music, Capital Records, Warner Music Group, Epic Records, Sony Music, CBS Records & Mercury Records.
Her last gig was w Babyface Edmonds on the Soulfood tv series for Paramount Pictures.
She began as a deejay in local niteclubs. then segued to live & studio multi-genre collaborative efforts in HipHop, Soul, Reggae, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, etc. Live gigs with various local and world renown artists @ reputable local and international venues throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, etc.
New music soon ...


This singer songwriter is Xenobia and she has already a great resume as you can read on her reverbnation, she does make different styles of music. Then now my review about this artist from Canada, her first song is immediately very good it is called the lost city and she has a marvelous voice. It is just if I listen to the female Micheal Jackson with all the melodies and notes, this is incredibly awesome. She sings in this song with another artist and it sounds very good together, and I am a huge fan of Micheal Jackson and Janet Jackson. I know some details about those companies from the past and how there were two sides a company where you may express yourself in soul and RB, and one side where they may not sing funky only sweet and soft and proper. It has brought a lot artists on the world with marvelous music and songs, this singer song writer is really amazing her vocals are a mix of Whitney Houston and Tina Turner. You can hear how wonderful she can sing in this song your luv with Kenny g. This song called when will the loving start starts immediately very good with uptempo beats and great tunes and melodies real soulful and funky, she is the new legend in music this is from such a good quality I actually in shock and at the same time very happy with such a marvelous talent. Wow this song gives me goosebumps it is called amazing grace a well known song, but what can she sing a Capella it brings me tears from how beautiful her voice is. She has so many styles and all songs are so amazing to listen, uptempo and quieter song. For example this song called Crystal hearts is more quite but very well written and sung, very good ballad. Her voice is very powerful you can hear this in the song called jojolicious together with other artists, this are beautiful duets. The song lover holiday is again very soulful and sounds marvelous again a wonderful duet with a male singer. This song really reminds of the soul and Rb from the last century like Gnarls Barkley, he is a legend. I can listen all day to her amazing songs, all are beautiful and from high quality. She does a lot collaborations with other amazing singers, the duets are amazing to listen as well, she has made 18 songs till now i have listened to them all and they are all very beautifully especially this song called don't you run with buddy miles, it is a top duet both with impressive pure vocals. This singer song writer has to be heard around the world, in all countries she is a superstar. And i really hope she will be soon touring all around the world, with her marvelous songs. Therefore, share this new legend in soul and other genres as much as you can, and give comments and star ratings underneath


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