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Oct 21, 2016 10:40 AM

Songwriter/ Singer and Musician Dieselle May, read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath.

Following several years as a contributing songwriter and performer with many bands and artists such as Angelo, Neneh Cherry, Joyride, Montage, Marcia Barrett, Tommy Farragher and Ben Robbins, this year sees Americana Roots rocker and songwriter-singer Dieselle May, stepping out from behind the scenes to launch her solo career, recording her eclectic range of Rock Country, Folk, Bluegrass and Electronica songs. Her debut single, “Said And Done” (produced by Jack Ruston), was released in June and was described by journalist Mick Wall as “Americana comes to London suburbia. Beautiful, haunting and broken-hearted”. The single was chosen by Tom Robinson of BBC Radio 6 for airplay on his BBC Introducing mix tape only 2 weeks after its release.
Above is what you can read on her Facebook page and what she sent to me, then now my review about this singer song writer from London. She decides to write own songs after a while playing in the background as guitar or bass player, her first song she wrote with John Hogg and it is called once again. The first song starts with an amazing high note in the beginning from the male singer, he has a marvelous voice it is a great written song. His voice has a mix from Adam Levine and Bruno Mars, especially the high parts in the song. I really like this song, it is from such a great quality and very uptempo RB. This song is good material for great big radio channels and music television channels, it has all elements to become a hit song.
This song called planes is written by Dieselle herself and it is electronic, it has a beautiful rhythm and sound this is a song without words but it is not needed. It takes you in a musical journey with beautiful roads and obstacles, love the production how the song is made.
This song is a unique electronic song of one of her production it is called The bells of westbourne park terrace, the song has some tension and mystery with beautiful sounds in it. You could listen to this when you have a lot stress in daily life, when you listen to this song and the high and quite vocals it makes you very relaxed. She wrote, played and co-produced the music for another singer in this song
Now I listen to her vocal song it is called said and done, it has amazing guitar work in it. She can sing high and low notes very good, she has a hoarseness in it. The song is written with a message to the world, I love this song. There are good rock pieces in it, and with her powerful vocals it sounds like I am listening to a master hit, she is very talented. Whether she plays guitar or bass, or sing it is all beautiful to listen. Her first song is already very good, that promise a lot in the future when she will make new songs and albums. I am a big fan now of this versatile artists with lots of talent on instruments and singing, this has to be heard around the world on several radio stations and music channels exist. Therefore, share this singer song writer as much as you can and give comments and votes underneath this review.

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