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Oct 25, 2016 1:17 PM

This singer songwriter is Irenka, from Nashville in this review you can read her vision and statement about music and herself, read my review on chatsong. Listen to her songs, and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.


A modern gypsy shaped by the streets of Brussels and Paris, recording artist Irenka’s colorful music transcends border and genres effortlessly. She fuses self-penned enchanting European melodies with warm smoky vocals in French and English that can be easily compared to Sade, Pink and Enya. Her songs capture her personal experiences conquering self-acceptance, darkness, complicated love stories and the joys of a free-spirited life. Her single “Dreamland” about her journey gathering her courage to leave for the States is played on indie radio stations across the US and Europe while her French song "Comme Si" has been topping the chart of international Museboat Radio for several weeks!
Irenka self-produced her debut EP "Wait 4 it..." in 2014, she has since toured across the South playing in 13 states coast to coast, from Florida to California. She is now working on a full-length album and a music video. Find out more about her enchanting world and download3 songs for free at www.blackswanworld.com


Above you can read her vision and it is also for you to read on her website, then now my review about this versatile artist from Nashville. The first song is Dreamland it has a very rhythmic intro with amazing instruments, then comes a soft high vocal which is being mastered in the song. Her vocals are pure and very high, very beautiful to listen to so my opinion it is not needed to master her vocals but it does fits the style of the song so it is not critique on the mastered parts in it. This song called Locked in I love the style of the song, it is like you are in an old period of live like you are in the period of the year 1837. Where you are in a ballroom with the lady in waiting and you are all dancing with beautiful dresses together and making fun, very beautifully made this song. This song is with acoustic piano it is called autumn song, a very melodic ballad song with very beautiful lyrics and vocals. She sings french as English in the song, that makes it unique to listen and my credit for her piano work it is very beautiful. You can hear how wonderful she can play on the piano if you listen to this instrumental song called Soundtrack demo it is amazing and very good. The classical songs she has made on the piano are her best songs, she tells a story to the listeners and that is what music is all about. You can hear and feel what she wants to bring over in those songs, very powerful. She has done some collaboration songs with other artists and different styles and genres, so also beat box and a couple cover songs. The best none classically song is Glory box, it is unique with the beat boxer and her amazing stunning high vocals in it. Forget what i just wrote I just listened a demo song of her it is called impressed, this song is very lovely musically and vocally it is uptempo. That song could be a hit song, on the way how it is produced with electronic music and her beautiful expression while singing. This singer song writer can really sing and has some talent, she has a unique way of making music and express herself in the songs. If you not have an ear for her songs, you will not understand the underlying factors for making these songs and the message she wants to tell in these songs. I can not wait on what she will be going to make in the future, I think when she sings and plays for you in a concert you will listen with surprise and enjoy every note she sings vocal. I hope she will be playing soon around the world whether in a concert or on the radio to make that happen, share this talented unique singer song writer as much as you can.






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