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@tbennett_music country folk america

@tbennett_music country folk america

Oct 28, 2016 2:45 PM

Singer songwriter Tim Bennet plays music in the genres Blues, Rock, & Country americanamusic. indiemusic rootsmusic bluesmusic Former lead singer/songwriter of Whistler's Father. Read my review on Chatsong listen to the songs, share and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

“Inevitable Discovery” is Tim Bennett’s new solo Americana album full of blues, rock, and country.

Tim Bennett grew up in Southern California listening to a wide variety of music from Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, Folk, and Bluegrass. "There was no musical genre called Americana when I was a kid", says Tim. "Americana has evolved from a music cast off by other mainstream genres for not fitting their particular mold. Americana can rock and soar, break your heart and make you cry, make you laugh or make you proud. It's definitely made in America."

Tim is the former lead singer/songwriter for the band Whistler’s Father, an Americana group whose independent 2015 release “Highly Irregular” received airplay globally. "I Really Don't Miss You At All" made the Top 40 of The Roots Music Report Americana Chart and The Top 75 of The Fan Voted Chart.

Above you can also read on his website, he posted also his links in the forum for you to click on and to listen. Then now my review about this singer song writer who played in a band and decided to go solo trough as musician. The name of the album is inevitable discovery and the first song is called it must be true. The song begins with a typical Americana intro with a blues and jazzy sound in it, great piano work in it that makes the song very lovely to listen. His voice is unique and beautiful in the low notes but he can sing also good in the high notes, the melodies and tunes in this song are marvelous so if this first song is already great material what will the rest be. The second song is beautiful written and when he sings it you can hear the emotion in the voice what makes it more attractive to listen. I like the mix between a lot varied styles he used in the songs, it defines the music different from a lot other Americana musicians. And if you wanna hear how well trained his vocal voice is you must for sure this amazing song called I don't want to this anymore, this singer song writer is already on age but man what can he sing he is for sure like his album title an undiscovered singer. Wow this song called wrap your head around it, is amazing the instruments in it and the piano solo part in it is wonderful my credit for the instrument players. This song called Garbo blues is as wonderful as the last song I heard what a beautiful piece of instrument work a wind horn a piano very lovely, I am sure when they play this in a concert it will be an amazing musical concert with all the blues and jazzy sounds. The song damaged goods has marvelous instrument work as well, if you want to hear good real music then buy and listen this album. This album is full of beautiful music his voice and the tunes makes it outstanding to listen, perfect for lots of jazz festivals and radio channels. The song trouble has an amazing touch of blues and the singer is born with blues and jazz in his vibes, you can hear it in his marvelous voice. I love their style their varied style of making music, this has to be heard around the world. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

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