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Nov 5, 2016 5:16 PM

Five Piece - Long Island Melodic Punk/Post Hardcore from Long Island, NY. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath. this review.

This is Staleworth they are a post punk hardcore band from Long island, then now my review about these artists with a genre that is luckily coming back to live in the music world. Their album is called convalence their first song is called empty veins, it starts with a good intro my attention goes immediately to the vocals of the lead singer because he starts immediately with singing. I like the mix he uses with singing from singing to grunge and noise rock with a scream, it sounds very good the transition between singing and shouting is well timed. The lyrics are well written in this song called patchwork it has a message to the listeners, and when he does that grunge vocal the message in the lyrics' comes trough. Again lovely instruments in this song and an amazing mix between singing and noise rock kinda vocals, I think when they perform this song live on stage they would make a very good party of it and people would adore their music. The intro of the song called moon child is quieter than the first two but a great instrumental intro as well, very good drum work in this song my credit for all the instrument players. The song is really awesome written and it has very good potential for hard rock radio stations and record labels, this band can come very far with their unique sounds. Their last song is really good it is called tiger troubles, they can play very good the instruments it is a musical spectacle to listen. I really love their music it is very well produced, not only the lead singer has an amazing vocal reach but the backing vocal in the songs can sing also very good. These artists definitely deserve a spotlight with their beautiful music, they are amazing musicians. And I believe when more will listen and know their music, they would be having soon a larger scale of fans and streams and they deserve that with their unique music. To make that happen share this review with these talented post punk artists as much as you can, and give comments and star ratings underneath their review.







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