@palakaliofficial twitter

@palakaliofficial twitter

Nov 7, 2016 3:25 PM

Palakali is a band from Indonesia this is their first recorded single it is called just me know, read my review of their first single on Chatsong. Listen to their song, and give comments and star ratings underneath.

This band filled in the form for a review of their new single called just let me know, it is their only song at the moment. Read my review about these artists from Indonesia. The song starts with beautiful piano work very nice played, classical music can be so beautiful and touching. Then his voice wow it is amazing, it has a hoarseness in it. If you listen close enough to it the voice sounds very similar to Bryan Adams, but this singer has his own unique voice it is very good. This song is very good material and it has amazing written lyrics as well, this is how music has to be. They really tell a story trough their lyrics and vocal sounds, it touches you from the first note when you listen to their song. These artists are very talented on playing the instruments and singing their song, it is breath taking. I am really touched and blew away by their song, and by the vocal of the lead singer. It sounds very professional and seems he sings for years so incredible good is his voice, or he is born with a talent for singing and posses a gifted voice. This song can become a massive hit song on every music chart channel and television shows, I mean they are so good it is unbelievable. And they are also way better than some famous artists who are on the billboards or MTV, I think when you listen to it you will say the same. This has to be heard all around the world, they deserve to go touring worldwide. I am a big fan now and can not wait on new songs they will make in the future, if this is already so amazing what would the rest be ?! Therefore, share this review and their music as much as you can and give star ratings and comments underneath this review.




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