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Nov 7, 2016 4:01 PM

Co-singers A.J and Tara catchy and Hopeful Music, read my review on chatsong listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath their review.

Based in Los Angeles, California, A.J. and Tara are a pop music group with a truly unique approach. Their songs are uplifting and positive, often focusing on inspirational lyrics and motivational content in order to spread love and good vibes with the world. One of the most striking features of their sound is their unique way of blending female and male vocals through the inclusion of two co-singers, each bringing something unique to the table, creating unforgettable harmonies and covering an ample dynamic spectrum.

Their sound can be described as a blend of music that embodies the uplifting vibes of Taylor Swift and the energy of Blink-182, in a truly amazing and special way.

A.J. and Tara are all about positive vibes, so join them and start singing along!


Above you can read their biography which also can be read on their website provided in this review, now my review about these pop duo from California. Their first song is called rock the night it is described as pop music, the song starts with great electronic dance beats and both vocals are very good. The female singer can sing very high and pure and the male singer can sing low and has a hoarseness, together they sound amazing great vocal match. The second song is called Believing, great lyrics great tunes and amazing vocal voices, makes this an outstanding modern dance pop song. They are both incredible singers if I listen to famous artists like Taylor Swift and many others, I can not hear any difference between their music and the music of these two singers. If you listen to this song live the life you will love it, is high quality modern music with beautiful electronic beats which makes you wanna dance and jump on it. Wow i really love their music, they have also made one acoustic song called California. In this song you can hear how wonderful both vocals are, they have for sure amazing vocal reach it is wonderful to listen. This is music that needs to be shared to every country we have on earth, their music belongs on the billboard and other music channels and radio stations there are. To make that happen that they can perform around the world in each village there is, share this review with them on it as much as you can. 




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