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@Darkways_band twitter

Nov 8, 2016 12:34 PM

Music band form Barcelona with post punk and alternative rock influences, read my review on chatsong. Listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath

Above you can read what genre they play music in and where they come from, they have also posted a music video in the comment area and also links in the forum, then now my review about this alternative rock band from Spain. The first song is called small town boy, it starts with a great instrumental intro with a lovely sound very rhythmic it is cover song but with their own unique touch. I like his unique voice, it fits in the sounds. This song called poliamor is sung in their language but it has great rock elements in it, love the instruments and how the song is produced it very lovely to listen. This band is very good in playing good rock especially this song called Anulacion, even I do not understand their lyrics. But good music does not always have to be in general language, if it has potential and it sounds good people does not care which language it is been sung in. My credits for the whole band how they play on the instruments is very good, and the voice of the lead singer is unique in the low and high notes and fits in the style of the genre they play music in. My favorite till now is the song Barcelona great instrumental intro, and he does something with the pronunciation while singing. This song is also very good it is called adios and it rocks good from the beginning, such lovely instrumental sounds in this song. This music is great material for rock festivals and radio stations around the world, and I think when you hear play them live you will have a lovely rock show. And this song is varied from the others' songs they have made it is called el otro lada and here you can here what I mean by using unique pronunciation while singing awesome to listen to this. All their songs have good rock pieces in it, great instrumental work in it. This music you will love or you will not love, but real rock lovers going to love their music. And I love their music, it has something specials different from a lot other rock bands. And that is a good thing, they have for sure some talent. I believe when more will listen and know their music, they will be having soon a bigger audience. To make that happen share this review as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.






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