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Nov 14, 2016 3:35 PM

I am a singer songwriter from stoke on Trent, i am here to help with any songwriting advise, critique,solutions ,i am also in a songwriting partnership ,Tell Atlas a band from sweden. (He offers the songs to other artists )written as well, read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give star ratings and comments underneath this review.

This singer songwriter is David Pointon and is from stoke on Trent, The first song he wrote is waiting for you(orchestral). Wow he literally blew me away by singing the first note after the amazing piano intro, this is incredible his voice reaches into your soul and heart this is real talent. The song is written professionally and when he sings it, it gives you goosebumps damned what I am impressed by this singer songwriter. His second song is such as beautiful as his first song it is called Free, what can this man sing pure and high. The piano work in this song is so beautiful and it fits perfect by his beautiful high voice, this song is high quality music. I am quiet inside so breathtaking his music, it is so wonderful sung and played. Mark my words this singer songwriter will come very far with this gifted voice, and musically inside his soul. The song called Background noise has a beautiful message in the lyrics, i really like the tunes and melodies in it so varied. This song is different from the first three songs more uptempo great tunes and melodies again in it, it takes you on a beautiful journey when you listen to this. And you can hear in this song he can do more with his voice then only high notes, in the lower notes he sings beautiful as well. Also in that song are backing vocals which sounds very good in the chorus, this is very good material for labels and radio stations. And what I am listening now is really cool it is a dance song with his vocals, and it sounds marvelous. The song called we were kings is done with another artist called Robin Cederblad, and I love vocal trance very much because these singers have mostly all amazing quality vocals just like this singer. Wow this singer song writer is incredibly good, especially if you listen to this song waiting for you. The song is written not only very good, but his voice does something with your emotions. This song called loving you(wip) is great as well and  totally different from the beautiful ballads, amazing uptempo and it is like you listen to the Beatles and other great bands from the year 70the. This singer songwriter has so many varied styles and songs it makes it very interested, this song called forever the sun is really cool with all those instruments in it. Like I said he can sing all kind of genres and styles and notes with his great vocal, letting go is then again more a ballad song with acoustic guitar which sounds amazing. Wow this song is one of the best called fallen leaves, great lyrics and again what a voice and there a backing vocals in it which sounds also very good in this song. His music is way and way better than a lot artists who you see and listen all day on billboard and MTV, this singer song writer deserved to be on those music channels and charts. Really this singer song writer is so incredibly good with his voice, and song writing if you listen to this song Born innocent you won't keep it dry inside your eyes it is so breathtaking and beautiful sung. The lyrics of this song hits you so hard inside, at least by me. This singer has made so many great songs and has written very beautiful lyrics, all the songs are from good quality. This singer song writer it will not take long, before he can travel all around the world and play live concerts at any festival exist in this world. The songs he has done with piano, guitar or other instruments are so beautiful, this is music just pure like it has to be not mastered with computer programs. Yes This David Pointon is very quick a legend on earth in the music world, he will have a bright future ahead I really believe in that. To make this happen share this incredible talented singer as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.




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