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Nov 15, 2016 3:10 PM

Marc Tomé is a young Portuguese songwriter who lives in Paris, read my review on chatsong listen to the song and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

Marc Tomé is a young Portuguese songwriter who lives in Paris. "Music has been always part of me and my life." Writing poems has been always a way to express myself as an artist. This new project is an adventure using my own writing combined with melodies. I decided to create a new look, more contemporary to this new face of my life, as a songwriter. Since I'm fluent in Portuguese, English and French I was supposed to have two versions TUER CET AMOUR, French version and MATAR ESSE AMOR, Portuguese version. Then I went to studio to work on this song, the French and Portuguese turn into the International version. The english's part were improves during the recording session. This song is about a break-up, and I hope you enjoy this song as I did, the idea was trying to turn something sad into happiness


This singer songwriter is Marc Tome originally from Portugal, lives now in Paris. He is written one song called I will kill this love, and the lyric is based on a true story what happened in his live. The song starts with a beautiful intro with a lot instruments and tunes, then comes his baritone voice which sounds the best in french language. The song has different languages from English to french, for me the voice in french language does more with me then when he sings it in English. This singer has a beautiful low baritone voice, and when he sings almost talking it has something mysterious and sexiness. I really find his voice unique in it is more beautiful in his own language, a part from that the song is lovely to listen. A song sing in another language do not always have to be sung in English, because not a lot understand french. Sometimes a song in a foreign language can be amazing, there a lot examples these days who got a hit song in a foreign language. This singer song writer has for sure talent and hope his next release will be in his own language. I believe a lot who will read this review and listen to this song, will say the same. That he is a great singer especially in the baritone vocal and own language and has to be heard around the world. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give comments on the song and ratings underneath this review.


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