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Nov 16, 2016 3:10 PM

Council is made up of three brothers. Pat, Doug, Andy Reeves. We are rock band like Imagine Dragons, U2, Coldplay, Oasis. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review

Pat, Doug and Andy Reeves have balanced working in the fields of Baldwinsville, NY. during the day and honing their craft at night in their family barn and their commitment to their music has begun to pay off. They have recently gained both local and national attention for their unique sound and charismatic performances. Having played numerous successful shows at the mainstays in NYC, and opening for bands such as The All American Rejects and The Kooks, they have established themselves at one of the top up and coming bands to watch.

This is council band they are all brothers and sing, they have posted also in the forum. Then now my review about these brothers from New York. The first song is called Rust to gold  wow it has all elements good vocals lovely tunes and great played instruments.  Wow what is this a high quality song, and very good written lyrics. It is very good this is top material, it is if you are listening to MTV such a quality it has. The second song called all for you , has a unique intro with it seems wind instruments, then the rhythm of the song build up to rock.  This is what I call top new talent, very professionally music and my credit to the brothers and the instrument players. I am really enjoying and smiling while reviewing their music, this is gift from god to may have written about their music. This song called rise above has powerful lyrics, and man what a voice so pure and lovely. I really love their style and lyrics, beautiful sounds in all the songs. I would more describe it as pop rock, because of the melodies and instruments used in it. And because of the backing vocals in the song, that makes the song outstanding. They all can sing wonderful, they are born all three with music in their soul. All their songs are so good, I am really impressed again this is way better than a lot recently bands and singers at MTV Billboard and others charts. When they will play live and get more audience in other countries, they will have lots of groupies soon and standing on several festivals. This is incredibly good music, and has to be heard all around the world at radio stations and television channels there is for upcoming bands. Therefore, share these future MTV artists as much as you can and give star ratings underneath this review.




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