Nov 17, 2016 1:03 PM

This is Electric mud a progressive rock band from Germany, read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath. they also posted their Spotify link in the forum, so check it out.

They have a biography but is written in German you can go to the website and translate, then now my review about this rock band from Germany. The first song I listened was called wrong planet it is not their newest song, but I review all songs so I start with this one. It start with amazing tunes and melodies very lovely it is an instrumental song. What strikes me the most about this is they used a lot several instruments and make a rock sound of it, my credit to the instrument players. It is not always needed a vocal part in it, if the instruments in the song tell the story of their lyrics. It is a musical spectacle with all these amazing instruments, I like it a lot. Just like in this song called rabbit hole the intro is amazing with all instrument pieces, very well done. They must have a good feeling for rhythm and having a good team of instrument players, it is very difficult to play this only instrumental and not playing through each other. They must have a good leader who tell when and who play on the notes and which instrument, I am impressed. Especially in this song called canary in a cat house, the instrument pieces used in the song are marvelous, the sounds goes from quiet to more progressive sounds great up building sounds in it. The song called crawling in circles is very varied from the other songs more a blues sound, but what an amazing guitar sound in it from playing calm to more progressive and the tunes and melodies are amazing. Black dog when you listen to it, it got your attention very good intro with beautiful more quite instruments. Then right after comes the rock sounds which makes the song outstanding to listen. This song is very beautiful made it is called Grapefruit moon, what a beautiful instrument sounds used in it. Very different sounds then the more progressive rock tunes this kind of music can be good material for television episodes or movies. Especially this song is good for that it is called foreign field so damned beautiful made, they have for sure talent on playing and making beautiful instrumental music. Their music has to be heard around the world, and I hope larger film companies will pick up their music so it can be used in films. And not only for films but also for festivals and radio stations for instrumental music. To make that happen share this review,with these magnificent instrument players and producers as much as you can. Also, give ratings and comments underneath their review, on the song in this review.






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