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Nov 21, 2016 11:05 AM

This is Maria Sebastian from New York she is a singer -songwriter has already built up an impressive resume as musician, you can read it all in my review. Listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review


Maria Sebastian has opened for dozens of national acts and has recorded with many of their members. She has earned 12 Buffalo / Nightlife Music Awards, a People’s Choice Award, a Buffalo Spree Album of the Year Award for Yellow Envelope, 2009, and a Global Music Award for her performance on film producer Michael Z. Gordon's song "On the Run," produced with Nelson Starr (used in the 2015 remake of the film Narc). Maria also won a NISOD Master Teacher Award in 2011 through Genesee Community College, and an Adjunct of the Year award at Niagara County Community College (2013), two schools she has taught undergraduate writing for. She has had music placed in television and film (3 lbs., Narc (2015), Discovery Channel, Melrose Place, others), performs regularly in Buffalo, and has played select northeast venues as an acoustic singer/songwriter—including opening 8 times for Roger McGuinn of The Byrds. In 2011, Maria toured across the US with 10,000 Maniacs as a backing vocalist, and rhythm guitarist. Her 2009 CD, Yellow Envelope, has earned her praise among all it has been passed on to, including The Hudson Valley’s Freeman Online (“Sebastian has a great record on her hands here.”) Her 2011 CD features songs for, or inspired by, figures including Maya Angelou, Malcolm X, Comic Icon Harvey Pekar, Muhammad Ali, Harry Nilsson, and others. Maria is currently putting together her forthcoming CD "Be," produced, again, by Nelson Starr.

Maria is currently putting together her forthcoming (2016) CD "Be" with greats Nelson Starr and Frank Grizanti. She also has a lounge trio with Grizanti and Ron Davis playing shows in the Buffalo area, and she tours whenever possible with husband / poet Perry Nicholas playing intimate listening rooms across the northeast. For extra fun, and something different, Maria recently joined electronic ("Dream Beat Noir") band Dotsun Moon. More to come on that!

Above you can read a short biography of this singer songwriter, for press she has a longer version on her website. From what I can read she has built up a good resume in the music industry, she has made several albums with other bands she sings in. Her newest albums is BE, so now to my review of her music. Her first song which is titled the same as the album has already won a global music award, and wow what has she a marvelous high and pure vocals. This song reach you immediately inside, it is amazing sung and it has lovely melodies guitars and other instrument in it. No doubt this song got a music award, this is high quality music and this is real talented. Her newest debut single of her album is I do, the intro is amazing with the humming in it. This song is good material for a lot of radio station and pop music charts like the Billboard and MTV, it has all elements in it. Some might say or think it is not for younger audience, but these days I have noticed a lot children and younger audience really love playing classical music pieces or hearing music with beautiful instruments in it. So when they do listen to this amazing singer song writer, she would soon having lots of fans. She has made an album earlier and her songs on that album are more varied than the newest album, but I like it. The first song of her older album called Now it seems she use a master or megaphone in the intro, I am not sure and then her real voice comes right after it. The song is uptempo and has a great lyric, and has wonderful melodies and tunes in it more pop contemporary style. She can sing incredible her voice is unique and very warm to listen, you can hear this in her song called Snow. When she sings the high notes it gives you goosebumps, she has a tiny hoarseness in her vocal voice The song called going away is more a mix of country and folk music, she shows a lot diversity in her songs. This song is wonderfully produced, I thought for a minute I heard other vocals but it was all herself. This singer song writer can really sing all genres this song is kinda pop rock, it is called hearts don't break it is very uptempo and has amazing instruments in it. The drum work in that song is wonderful, also my credit for the writing of the songs. Her next song is my favorite wow really great, the instruments and the uptempo in it and her voice of course. It is a mix of pop rock folk and blues put in one song lovely, the song is called everything reeks of you. I am really impressed by her vocal diversity and the variety in the songs, especially in the song easier. This singer song writer is a born musician she can really sing all genres and songs, and it all sounds amazing. This song is far out the best song, it is called wings the saxophone in it makes it outstanding. All of her songs are wonderful this is talent, and if it were up to me all her songs may win an award. The song can't find my way home is very powerful sung, with that violin in it or double bass it sounds so lovely. In this song her voice reminds me a bit of Gloria Estefan. All her ballads she has sung gives you goosebumps, she is an amazing vocalist. I really can not stop listening to her vocals, you can hear the emotions while singing this song I would not trade you so amazing. That emotion in her vocals you also can hear in this song as well, called in our bed it is so powerful and wonderful sung. Wow when she sings the high notes in this song it reaches very high, her voice is so breath taking. And the songs goes from a ballad at the end of the song to more rock with the solo instrument pieces, my credit also to the instrument players and the other artists on the album.. This is what she wants with her beautiful songs, “ I am trying to get these songs placed in television and film, if possible “or maybe placed with other artists. I hope she use it herself and handed over to recordlabels and radiostations, because her music is amazing. I listened to all of her songs it is a lot but it was worth it, this singer song writer is amazing and need to be heard around the world. Therefore, share this review with this new legend in music world as much as you can I have a feeling she would be soon touring again all around the world with her newest album.






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